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Sergeant Major
"Dear Forex Trader,
This is a reminder that "How To Make $800/Day Trading Guaranteed - 100% FREE ACCESS" will begin in 1 hour on:
Fri, Jul 6, 2012 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
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Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:
How to Join the Webinar
1. Click the link to join the webinar at the specified time and date: . . . "

This gangster re-emerges every few weeks using the same tired script, asking for your blind trust and your $497. Oh, and there are only 15 copies available!
Armed with photoshoped sales page materials supposedly extracted from their MyFxBook track record that although excerpted and presented as fact, the links to which are never provided upon demand. When you try to navigate away from this scummer's first sales page you are immediatly offered a 15% discount! Talk about screwing your own first-line sucker clients (shades of Dustin Pass).
How To Make $1,000 Per Day From Forex
During his vile 1 hr. display of ever changing English country homes, cars and boats and vacation trips, photoshoped bank statements, and faked trade results, under a new alias each time; this gangster is closely tied to Karl Lawerence. Although they claim separation now, Karl began awhile back by running a parallel scheme under the Forex PiP Finder moniker when they were a team. Karl publishes a track record, but it is unverified:
Green's MT4 demo trade record presented, illustrated 1 & 2 pip scalping trades, while elsewhere in his presentation, claims long term trades. Yuck.
Anyone with real experience with these guys should post their reports as replies here.
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What? It's not real?!? But I just bought 10 copies so I could make $8000 in one day. :p
Well, there I was, sitting up studying more (as I always do when I get off from my late night job) and received an e-mail from Daniel Johnson (whoever that is) about an amazing opportunity, and that I had been "Pre-selected". Well, first of all I laughed at the fact that someone said I was "Pre" anything, because it damn sure couldn't be pre-approved for something, lol (which is why I'm working a late night job).

The vid comes on, the guy in the background (Mr. Tom Green) takes me to an exclusive webinar (which btw, was a prerecorded video). I see the boxed up house (which I guess is considered classy over there), and pretty much after that I stopped paying attention, but as I let the vid play, I won't lie, my curiosity was peaked when I saw in his chat that was live of course (LMAO), that his EA hides the Stop Loss so that the broker can't see it. Now, that's kind of cool.

That's the only thing I can say that's really cool about the whole vid. First of all, the whole fake webinar threw me for a loop. Secondly, just...everything else about the vid was a complete play at people's desperate need for a financial rescue. I laughed because at one point he almost had the vid started to end...I noticed that he somehow managed to get down to the very last copy. Only one copy left for $497! Really? Smh...The scammers are getting pretty good, but that's why we have a place like this so we can save others that may fall victim.

Now, I am looking for a decent EA, nothing to rely on for major gains, but something that can trade for me when I'm sleep, 2-5% a week. Nothing outlandish, just a decent co-pilot. Oh, and the guys lot sizes were ridiculous. If you havent had a chance to see the vid, here you go:

Those "hidden" stops can prove fatal if your platform loses it's connection at the wrong moment. There's nothing wrong with having an EA manually close trades, but there needs to be a hard stop preset to cover you in the event of a connectivity issue.

Personally, I'd be thrilled to get a super-safe, steady EA that reliably earns 1-2% per month. That's more than Madoff offered to his clients/victims.
As I read this the latest video is playing in the background but geez... he's only promising $500/day now. I should have gotten in earlier and I'd be making $300 more per day...

It's so funny because the format and "count down" is identical to that described above...

Boy the moxie these guys display is unreal, and the desperation of the audience is just as pathetic.

I've gotta go because they're down to the last few copies and will have to cut the presentation short... Where's my wallet?
He must be a really nice guy to do all this work to help us make $$500 a day! I know I trust anyone who will do that.:rolleyes:
Don't you?
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Welcome new member learnf,
How did you pay?
If by ClickBank, by SwReg, or by RegNow you have recourse!

What was your date of purchase?
Check your receipt. We can help.
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164
Hello again learnf,
The key to refunds to an unresponsive SWReg or RegNow purchase is to call Digital River, the parent company.
Have their telephone receptionist transfer your call to their Complaint Escalation Team.
SWReg & RegNow are shady international subsidiaries of Digital River, but DR itself is a large public US corporation that is completely legitimate.
They actually process all the billing for both.
They will take your complaint about the vendor, and about their SWReg or RegNow Operational issue, and refund you immediately.
This process has worked repeatedly in similar situations.
I recommend the phone rather than writing.
There are Global offices listed on the webpage below to call if you are outside the USA.
Digital River Corporate Headquarters
10380 Bren Road West, Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA
Telephone: +1 (952) 253-1234
Global Offices and web report form:
Search your order:
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164