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ForexFBI.com injustices

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Trigger21, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Trigger21

    Trigger21 Recruit

    Jun 27, 2011
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    I am not sure if this is the place but this is important to me and I feel others should know.

    Forex Trading - What Is The Best Forex Robot ? (Expert Advisor) I have used for a a year or two and have trusted it to be an honest and unbiased site if you want to review EA's . I actually didn't know about forexpeacearmy until later.

    ForexFbi has an EA called Forex Hacked on the top of there list since the beginning of time. I like and purchased this EA. They were showing an account from MyFxBook starting in May 2011 with pairs Eur/GBP & Eur/CHF, the account had a balance of @ 28K and was maxed out on the number of orders this martingale EA could execute at 11 orders , with a multiplier of 1.9 on the Eur/Chf.

    The account had @ $16K drawdown.

    They had a second account which was the main account for marketing on thier home page that was in first place. It also had a balance of about $28K and was trading the pairs Gbp/USD & Eur/Jpy.

    The E/J pair was in the same position as the E/C account. These account where over a hundred pips away from their last order and ready for a margin call.

    Now this is not bad, but I feel mislead as these accounts are now gone, no mention of them, there is another account up with a $38K balance and a lot of history. I actually think this was the very first account back in the day.

    I have tried posting some very polite questions but they will not post them.

    This is misleading and causing poor soles that take money they don't have only to have it be gone. This gives Forex Trading a bad name not to mention sucking people in with promises of great fortune, the people that can least afford it.

    Take a look at the postings. I have a couple emails from traders dreaming of making it rich on $700 from that EA .

    It's Just Not Right !! Thank you for looking this over and if it doesn't warrant a posting here , I understand. :shocked:

    Summary: This site is not as unbiased as it may appear and I do suspect they are also the creator of the EA.
  2. nitrofx

    nitrofx Recruit

    Jan 20, 2012
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    I got ripped off by these SCAMMERS too!! I found out for a fact that ForexHacked.com is owned by ForexFBI.com
  3. aicohn

    aicohn Corporal

    Jan 23, 2009
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    Possibly time for a traders court case on forexfbi

    Another piece of software they are touting is this "forexflexea". I ordered a copy of this one on the basis of the glowing reviews and myfxbook accounts they show.

    The thing doesn't trade for a while, so I set the software to force a trade. The software was set for a tp value of 19 on a 5-digit broker just like the myfxbook ones. I get a trade placed with a 1900 pip tp value which immediately is closed by the software.

    I send an email to the support for the system and get no answer.

    I then try to place a post on the forexfbi site to warn other users about this and maybe get some other experiences on the matter. It has been sitting "awaiting moderation" now for 24 hours.

    This site is clearly a scam facilitator site if not a scam itself. It's time to take this to traders court.

    As a start, I will place the site up for review with a scam review from me.

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