Yes I have been scammed and am currently trying to get my investment back through my financial institution. A piece of software called Forex Fortune by Cost $495USD. This website I was directed to when looking into an ea called GPS forex robot from a respected online provider of Forex reviews etc (Mark Larsen). The video on the page showed Mark talking about the bot and how he hates scammers, and when I clicked the buy button and purchased the bot through PayPal the bot was not called GPS but Forex Fortune. I assumed this was just a name change of the bot because Larsen was promoting it.
No problem so I installed and used it and made some money and then a couple of huge losses just about wiping my account because it was a Martingale and NoStoploss strategy which was totally going against what Larsen was saying about the bot.
Tried to get a refund through them with no reply and when I researched some more about GPS bot I found the same video of Larsen but this was apparently the genuine site of GPS bot.
Contacted the support on this page and asked very directly if Mark Larsen was actually scamming his followers and I gave them the url of the forex fortune site with Mark's video on it. They returned my email stating the Mark is genuine and honest and they have viewed the site and claimed the video was hijacked from their site and they are getting their lawyers involved. Can't get my money back through PayPal as they say that downloaded software is not tangible and they can't honour their buyer protection status.

The site Buy Forexfortune™ EA is an outright scam even though it has Mark Larsen's video on it. You will not get your refund and the ea is dangerous to your account.

I have since purchased to proper GPS forex bot through Mark Larsen's site and to date it looks very safe and is working well.


If you were on the page, it's no wonder you bought the wrong bot. If you want to buy GPS, you need to go to the GPS page.

It claims a 60 day money back guarantee. Get screenshots of that. Then file for a refund.