(Don Steinitz)


I bought the steinitz fractual breakeout indicator 3 years ago and his number 5 webinar which includet a crossover indicator. I lost the indicator, but he wrote me that he does not have record that long back, even though i sent him a copy from paypall that i payed for it. I wandet him to hard code my break out indicator, but he says i have it running on an account which i do not have. I should send him a statement from the dealer that i closed that account, which i am not able to do because i dont have that account. Iff he thinhs i have that indicator running why does he no uncode it. I recently saw a webinar about that indicator und he talked real big about the lifetime service and there is no funny business. All he wants me to do buy a new one. Besides that i bought 3 robots from him, i lost 2 grands on his mirror trading. I think his sevice sucks.
Recrut adolf