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Discuss ForexGalactico.com (Andrew Martin)

General discussions of a financial company
What's going on?

I've been trying to buy ForexGalactico for two days with nothing to show for my time. The Click Bank purchase didn't go through. I called my credit card company, PayPal, and ClickBank. Nothing is wrong from my end. I just called my ISP, nothing wrong there.
I've written three emails to support@forexgalactico.com and they are all returned with the reason that the domain name or address is bad.
There is no phone to call, so, there is no way to contact anyone. I wonder how many others have experienced the same frustration?
Very Suspicious

Maybe Andrew Martin is a fake name to entice English speaking earthlings to part with their money ? I tried responding to the emails that appeared to be sent by this Andrew Martin but they kept bouncing back as undeliverable . He used the email address of support@forexegalactico.com which I guessed should not have had the second "e" between the "x" and the "g" . I told him he was using a wrong email address with just one letter in error and to fix it but all the numbskull's replied was : We can receive your email. Kindly email us at support@forexgalactico.com . Then the next email is sent from the same incorrect email address . When I checked the properties the original address is : galacticofree@aweber.com so maybe they are trying to hide something . I have not given whoever it is, any of my money.:hissyfit:
Only Losses!

I have tested Galactico for several weeks in which it started lots of trades!
Unfortuntely it never showed a profit, so I requested a refund!