FOREXGEN.COM SCAM Alert! Broker stole over $160K from our trader!


My head and body would now be separated ...

... if not for guys like you Felix and Rob.

Here is a transcript of my "chat" with ForexGen:

Jolia: Welcome to our live chat service.

Jolia: Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative...

Jolia: Hello. How may I assist you?

HG: Is it right that you steel money from your customers? Is your site just a scam?

HG: I have heard serious stories about your company, that you have stolen more than 160.000 US$ from one of your clients. Is that right.

HG: Is someone there?

HG: can I regard your silece as a"YES"?

Jolia: Yes Sir I'm here

Jolia: This is not happening Sir

Jolia: and our legal department is investogating about it Sir

HG: So is this person getting his money? wich he rightfullu

HG: righfully owns

Jolia: If he owns this money Sir he will get Sure

Jolia: there is no doubt about this

Jolia: But we are still investgating about this

HG: This is getting all around the internet and if you do not respond quickly I think you will be out of buisness very soon.
Thats all from me. Take care and don't let these guys fool you.

Hans, Reykjavik Iceland


why o why

thank God for u guys(Felix and Rob). how ar those f....kers allowed to operate anyway. this is really annoying. feel so sorry for rashid and thanks again for coming to his aid. Does anybody know anything about i'm planning to open a live account with them. i've been using there platform for my demo account and they seem cool. please forum guys respond.


chat with forexgen

Jolia: Welcome to our live chat service.

Jolia: Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative...

Jolia: Hello. How may I assist you?

abc: i would like to know more about the case on RASHID GASHOR which appear in,how genuine it is?

Jolia: our legal department is investgating the false posting on the forum

abc: so there is such posting in the forum

Jolia: Please hold on one moment Sir.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Richard'.

You are now chatting with 'Richard'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK7503834381X

Richard: hi, my name is richard

Richard: may I ask where did you get this information please?


Richard: ok, our legal department is investigating this false posting right now and will take legal actions

abc: am i able to read it on your website?

abc: of the progress and outcome of it?

Richard: yes, we will reply to this false issue Sir

abc: and since it is false,why your website did not report?

Richard: it is a minor issue and it will be handled with the scale suitable to it

abc: i would like to know more about it

abc: as i am searching for a reliable company to open an account with

Richard: tehy you have come to the right place sir

Richard: *then

abc: there are such reports on your company i dont feel safe

Richard: please do you research, and google us to get the full picture

abc: that is why i want to know more about this case,if it is false, then i might not visit that website anymore and might open an account here

Richard: please give it a day or 2 and check back, our reply will be in place and the posting will be handled

abc: i want to read it in your website

abc: and not by telling me in this chat window

abc: there is no concrete prove to it

Richard: we will make sure the results of this investigations are posted so that you can see them Sir

abc: and i wouldnt know who is genuine

abc: alright,i will check within this week since you say it takes a day or 2

Richard: ok, welcome back by then

abc: i mean to read this issue on your website,not chatting here.

Richard: yes Sir, we will

abc: then that is fine,or i wouldnt know who is genuine

abc: at least it is official in your webtie

abc: thanyou


Hi , i read about forexgen and i want to know!!

what about Marketiva ????
i really need to know !!!
Felix, kistati , y tebya rysski aksent !! prav' ya ulu net !!!


these people should go out of business

hi, felix and rob
Much respect to all of you for helping out the people.

ATTN to mr forexgen, you better pay back what not belong to you!!!



Felix please give us your opinion about some serious people, for example i have my money in FXCM, are they serious? i dont want to lose my my money if they go out of business.


4 "the Scammist" Broker!

Hi Felix & Rob!
Hi every member!

With all that is out in the internet that can confuse even the smartest prophet, it is difficult to believe or not to believe situations ... until there is PROOF of consistency.

This piece of work has stirred my eye balls and my dull indecision. I must confess I had not taken this forum very seriously before now, even though treating with respect FELIX's emails.

Know what, FELIX? You have just save my ass from this FOREXGEN crims!!!! I just registered with them for a standard account earlier today, and was planning to fund the account within shortly. Thanks for saving my ass!!!!!! Do you mind if I represent your writing to them and see how they react to it? Bottomline is: DON'T SPARE THEM UNTIL YOU RECOVER RASHID'S SUM PLUS DAMAGES IF POSSIBLE ... EVEN IF IT MEANS ACUSING THEM AS BEING BIN LADEN'S OR ABU NADAL'S FINANCIERS! dezee (UK) is even mild suggesting castration for such cheats! Period!

Still, there is some wisdom in "Pharaoh's" suggestion, even though I must be quick to quip in that all crims always try to deny incrimination, and so "NANCY's" defense is obvious like "Pharoah" suggested. But I am persuaded that for their style and tactics, FELIX & ROB are smarter to take care of such luophole by keeping their side of the record of exchanges remain for "experts" to track out authenticity. Disconnection tactics, I think, further incriminates them and lends credibility to FELIX'S allegation. Any honest firm would preserve integrity by explaining any technical problems or customer's fault under the circumstance, thus saving them credibility. Besides, FELIX & ROB appear to have secured the relevant hooks and nets (bank information, addresses, and all), of which I think any interrogator will not have much distance to go to conclude on the already obvious compromising "alibis". NO CRIMINAL DESERVES RESPECT OR RESPITE ... IN SO FAR AS ENOUGH EVIDENCE HAS BEEN GATHERED AGAINST THEM ... WHICH IN THIS CASE I THINK IS THE CASE (THAT IS, WITH BELIEF THAT FELIX'S & ROB'S REPRESENTATIONS ARE CORRECT AS THE FACE VALUE).

"uzomaeze" seized the opportunity to inquire about MARKETIVA. I am equally interested to learn about this broker too with whom I maintain an account. They can be disheartening how they deliberately or inadvertently slip flow what are supposed to be PENDING ORDERS (LIMIT & STOP BUY/SELL Orders) into the market especially during peak periods. The first time I complained, they opted to lecture me on types of orders. Then, it happened a couple of times again, and I got them on a "LIVE" one with such details and facts as FELIX's examples, and confronted them. Guess what? They never responded to this!!! whereas they have such nice support, and traditionally respond to contacts even stupid ones.

Keep it up, guys!


Private, 1st Class
How to struggle with swindlers from forex?

It is sincerely a pity to me of this guy. I hope that this history will end well for him...
However it is not sure in it. Unfortunately!!!
Not so long ago I have been plundered by my broker (SaxoBank) on 31 pips, as well as many their other clients. These creatures have impudently changed my transaction in smaller.
I addressed to Felix, however it has told that with Saxo anything to make it is impossible!!! I wrote in NFA and the answer yet have not received...
Then why something can be made with Forexgen???
I do not see the reasons!!!


Thanks felix

Thank for letting us know thes things that is how i think about it,
i am a new trader it is very important for me to know that there are brokers like forexgen and others.

i hope for the man to get his money back, and wish you alot of luck felix.