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Problem Forexgen stole my 3,6k $ - theft officially confirmed

I am having an issue with a company


Forexgen confiscated my profit - 3,6k $

I am now official victim of Fxgen. They gave back only my initial deposit of 5,4k but refused to get back my profit of 3,6k. They are trying to make bandit of me.
Two days before transferring of my 5,4k, they informed me I'm responsible for hostile activity in their company. I was told that somebody who has all my personal data did live threatening activity in their company. They refuse to give me copy of this hostile correspondence. They also informed me I made threatening activity towards other brokers - the most stupid thing I ever heard. I feel like international terrorist although i'm honest man. I was also insult and threaten by them - they go legal against me. My 3,6k was stolen - although they say they gave back all my money. In the latest chat they officially confirmed, my account is canceled and I won't get rest of my funds. Last mail from them:

Your account has been totally suspended from ForexGen trading severs and you are not a welcomed client in ForexGen trading servers any more due to the hostile activities you have been performing during last weeks and these activities represent a clear violation of ForexGen trading agreement
Your case has been closed when ForexGen accounting departments sent you your due funds after estimating the risk scope cause by your activities as clearly mentioned in the live account trading agreement signed and approved by you upon opening your live trading account
For your reference find below some key issues from ForexGen trading agreement signed and approved by you upon opening your live trading account
ForexGen Preserves the right to ban any Customer from its trading platform, suspend any
accounts temporarily or permanent at any circumstances where the account was suspected to perform one or more of the following forbidden activities:
h. Security threatening activities.
i. Any other hostile activities that threatens ForexGen, its customers, business partners and counter parties.

ForexGen risk management office has the right to estimate the risk scope and calculate the remaining funds to be paid out to the Customer after suspension. ForexGen has the sole right to cover its losses caused by the over mentioned activities prior to the suspension.
This e-mail will be considered as final settlement from ForexGen and this issue has been officially closed

I'm honest man and going to fight for my money - can you advise anything?
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I'd start by trying to contact them again and ask them if you could get more info on exactly what "hostile" activity is supposed to have happened.

As broadly undefined as "hostile activity" is, they could claim that asking a friend if they'd ever heard anything bad about ForexGen is hostile and take all of your money.
ForexGen refused to provide Adam with any proof of inactivity or hostile activities.

ForexGen refused to reply to messages sent by one of our investigators. People who claim to not be employed by ForexGen have had access to the contents of those messages. Our investigator was trying to resolve the issue. ForexGen seems to not be interested in resolution.

We are strongly leaning towards declaring this scam to be confirmed.

We encourage anyone who has an issue with money owed not being returned by ForexGen to contact the Okokrim. This is The Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime. Their website is...

There is an "Information in English" button on top of the page.

Okokrim can also be reached by email at okokrim@okokrim.no
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I hired the advokaat and decided to go with my case to the court.
Cost of this fight will be higher than the amount of money they confiscated but it's also the matter of rules not only the matter of money.
Way to go Adam! Please let everyone here know if there are any updates from the Okokrim or the advokaat (that's a lawyer, right?).
Yes it is the lawyer I hired. Now I am at the point of no return - they give my money back or we'll meet at the court. It can be very hot soon.

I have the same problem with forexgen. They refuse to give me back the benefits of my operations. I'm about to hire a lawyer too. But maybe we can share informations and make an action together against forexgen.
Are you interested in ?

Thanks, regards,