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Discussion in 'Forex Software' started by Administrator, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Sep 24, 2007
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    Dec 27, 2010
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    I bought the Currency strength meter 2.44 (USD89.99) from forexgrail.com (one of Tom Yeoman's product). It is just another meter like most free ones out there, other than the plotting on the graph. It does not show the strengths of the currency on a daily or H4 basis, so you are being left to monitor the strengths over short period of time. So of course currencies swings up and down very quickly within a few hours, hence it does not deliver what was promised/expected. Tom said to watch for when the currency crosses or starts to strength/weakens, compare it to the EMA crosses and trade based on that, but this is already lagging compared to what is in the charts.

    The website promises a "7 day to make it pay" 100% satisfaction guarantee. On day 5 i have already contacted to inform that i no longer wish to continue as i do not see how this will work with my trading style. After that Tom Yeoman (creator of software) just went silent and no longer reply to my email despite several follow up. It is now been 2 weeks and i am disappointed that they did not keep to the guarantee promise. This is obviously a scam. He also operates several other websites with meters, namely Forex Currency Strength Chart Meter Indicator ? FX Traders Software, Currency Strength Chart Viewer and this Currency Strength Meter. They are all the same tools, just slightly different variation perhaps.
: forexgrail

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