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ForexHacked 2.3 Has two major software flaws

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by rey21, Feb 28, 2011.


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  1. rey21

    rey21 Recruit

    Jul 8, 2010
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    Flaw #1 (Broker TDFX)
    This EA can not execute a 0.05 Lot Size order (5 micros), instead the trade is executed as 0.1 Lot size (1 mini). I've confirmed the Lot size setting for this EAs parameters. See MT4 Workspace chart.

    I next installed another EA on the Demo acct and it executed the 0.05 lot size trade. See MT4 Workspace chart.

    Flaw #2
    This EA has a new feature in version2.3 called 'Trending'. This feature is similar to have an Auto Trailing Stop. It will detect when price is close to the original T/P and reset the T/P and apply an Trailing stop. So if you have a strong trend in you favor your trade will be allowed to run till price reverse back to the Trailing stop. User sets parameter these parameter.

    See the attached chart which show strong Bull trend, See the 6-Sell Trades all closing at the T/P target (27pips), Trending did not follow the Down-trend with a trailing stop on the very first trade.

    The Support team had been informed of these Major Flaws and have not responded with anything that is going to solve these problems. They had told me before my purchase that the EA would work with my broker TDFX.

    I've requested a refund due to these major flaws since for me I can't use the EA on my TDFX brokerage account without executing the Min. Lot size trade.

    Anyone else having problems like this.

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