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Forexhunt cheated , lied , Scam

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by LAMYOKEYENG, May 31, 2010.



    May 30, 2010
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    Now i found that other investor also meet same problem , they open an account using same computer and trade at different ip and company also cut
    the profit. i think forexhunt meet a finance problem and use this way to
    cancel the clients profit . Last time i check here and company didnt make
    the payment in 3week , now use this way to cancel the profit. I urge other
    investor to stand out and give some comment.
  2. hussein 1

    hussein 1 Recruit

    May 31, 2010
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    I agree what you said . Forexhunt is cheated our profit!!!

    Starting i think i am only victim in this company. Now i found that
    still got many investor involve in this company. I join this company
    cause my friend intro to me , and he stop trading when lose all the
    money. Lose money i cant said anything , but now earn money and
    forexhunt cut my earning/profit , mean we never never never think
    can get money from this company unless we lose. I write the truth,
    if this company pay me back the profit , i will inform all at here. But
    now don open acc at this company. If you have acc there , please
    withdraw out all the money. I worry it will cut yours deposit using
    other reason , i dont know. My case is my friend help me to open
    the account and i trading at my house . Now this company use the
    reason all this accounts was opened from one IP . Then my profit is
    cut. It may cut the bonus of this case but how come it cut my profit?
    Until now i also don know what wrong i done?

    Please remember dont deposit into this company or you will regret ....

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