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Discuss ForexIllusion.com

General discussions of a financial company
Forex Illusion

I bought this EA and am wondering when it will make a trade.. I would have thought that on a 15 min chart there would be some action... Hoping and wishing...
I also purchased the EA. The manual calls to use 30M charts. I am testing 4 pairs since June 28 and had a total of 18 trades. 1-EUR/USD, 7-USD/JPY, 1-GBP/USD and 9-USD/CHF. All of them winners. I am using a fixed 1.0 lot.
All setting are default except changing the ID number for each currency.
The total profit for all 18 trades is $1770. I have seen DD as high as $700.
I find very little information about how the EA works, and is a bit scary Not knowing how deep will take any trade into DD. I will test in real account this week with a 0.01 lot. The EA use a trailing stop of 5 pips (default) and that could make a lot of difference in real accounts.

Overall, not bad and with potential. specially for a badly marketed EA.
Thanks for the input...

I am now going to use the 4 pairs you are using and will leave the settings as they are when I apply it to the charts - except of course to change the ID number. Does it matter what this number is?
Oh, are the default settings those that exist when you download the indicator, or are they modified?
The DD is very scary though. I don't know of too many people who would find that comforting - unless of course you have more than a healthy and consistent majority of winning trades.
I will post here again to see how it all unfolds. Once again, thanks for your input. I was starting to worry that I was the only one who had bought this indicator... the silence was unsettling!
Just install the STD version 7/7 and have trades

EurUsd had no trades during first 12 hours, so setup four more pairs,

UsdChf, EurChf & GbpUsd have had one trade each.

UsdChf & GbpUsd were stopped Out by the trailing stop for ~4 Pips profit each. Using the Scalping TrailingStop of 5 Pips.

UsdChf & EurChf are in active trades (Short) and headed the wrong way.

With a Default Stop of 220 Pips these trades may complete till the they move in the right direction by at least 8 Pips for the TrailingStop to kick in.

This EA is very slow unlike the Marketing Demo.

The user guide does not explain the setting values well enough to make knowledgeable changes to get this EA moving.

Anyone know what the Risk=5 setting or MM means?
Risk 5

Hi, Risk 5 could relate to percentage risked. I am not sure about this either. I am trying to work out what to do when the signal makes noise, like it did yesterday. I couldn't find anything on my charts to say this robot kicked in. Will listen for more noise in the future, that is unless someone can tell me where to see the results of the trade... I am still awaiting a response to my email inquiries. I know these guys may be busy, but they could send a general email saying so and one that answers my questions. The longer the delay the more I am inclined to believe I have been stung..... Not a good feeling!
MM = money management
Another Illusion...

I was wondering if anyone has had an email response to any query from Forex Illusion. I believe Nigerian scammers could learn a trick or two from forex internet scammers.
Shame on these people fore selling a product without any backup or enforceable guarantee.
Not a single trade registered here at FPA yet.
Comment line: Forex Magic Bullet

My Comment says Forex Magic Bullet, and I'm using the standard as well as advanced Forex Illusion ea. Is anyone else getting this?
More trades put none for EurUsd!

Still not trades for the EurUsd which is the pair the setup guide indicated this EA was designed for!

All trade have been winners but, a couple have gone on for as much as 6days in order for the price to return back to the original entry point.

This EA default StopLoss setting of 225pips is keeping you in the trade till you see a profit. It can be scary if you have multiple contracts going bad at the same time.

This EA could be better if it had a recovery feature. Without this feature the Open Pair is kept out of the action many days.

I've not received any Support emails that could answer my setting questions.

On Jul 12 I requested a refund from Clickbank, on Jul 14th the refund was received in my PayPal acct.

here the Clickbank link:
- ClickBank

Good luck to the rest of you,