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Discuss ForexKyro.com (Daniel Mathers)

General discussions of a financial company


This is a scam EA - stay away
First : He mentioned on his site that myfxbook account are live accounts, go and check yourself, you will find it is demo not real.
Second : in addition to it is demo accounts, he hides all information on the analysis, why ? is it a naked woman you afraid people to see her ?
His start is a scam start, what do you expect from him ?
Now we see only scam EAs, they take money from people and run away
My advise to all traders,
1 - Never buy an EA unless it is on real account on my fxbook with a good broker
2 - Should start with a good amount of real money, not usd 15.00 or usd 50.00
3 - Should start his test with usd account not cent account
4 - Should be on myfxbook
5 - Once you see him hide any information on myfxbbook , you make sure he is a scammer, never ever buy it. As if he is clear person and a good EA, why should he hide information on his account on myfxbook, of course because he is afraid that you will discover things he wants you not to know it.
May all scammers go to hill
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Please reply my email about the EA activation A.S.A.P, whereby I bought the EA 3 days ago but it still not activated. My email is, poketbocor090@gmail.com. Please kindly support and help your customer. If you can't help me to activate the EA, please refund the money that has been paid. Thank You.