Are they still in business???

When something sounds too good to be usually is.

My friend invested in the Superior plan with the minimum amount of $3,000 on Friday, Feb 26th and on the 27th the site was down for some kind of restructuring. Now the site "can not be opened"....

Anyone knows what is going on with this company...are they still in business?

My friend can use your help, please.



The site has been down like this several times in the past. This is what I've heard from others who have been in over 3 yrs. I still have my doubts though but like most of you I'm trying to remain optimistic. I think by Friday if nothing has changed then most likely we have been scammed. But they did post a message that can be found at Forexmacro - El Gran negocio de Las finanzas, ahora al alcance de todos. stating they are restructuring so I'm guessing they could be moving their equipment and making upgrades. I don't think they realize when they go offline like this without properly notifying us that it will create a massive wave of people trying to get their money out if they did come back online. I will tell you all about another fund I have gotten into and its Great customer service, slightly higher payout returns and I wired my money from my bank and it was their in 3 days. I know people who have wired money to their bank accts with no problems and it's their in under a week. This could be a great fund to recoup your losses from FxM. If you want to use a 3rd party to get your money to them or from them, use the solidtrust pay service. It's easy to setup, they have a good customer service reps and their fees are low.

Moderation Note: Sending money to another HYIP to recover losses from a previous HYIP is a bad idea.


Forex Macro website down

I am totally new at this and wanted some help from people who have had similar experiences with other forex website managed companies. Some on the forum have said that Forex Macro has done this before but came back after 15 days stronger. Can someone personally verfiy this? Also, does this happen often that a company shouts down their website and totally disappear? When that happens, people just write it off as scamm, bad luck and do nothing to investigate the matter? This is not a small company and it has been in business for 3 years. Surely, there must be thousands of investors who are wondering what happened. Is there no such thing as Panamanian Regulatory Agency who can investigate this matter if FM website does not come back in 10-15 days from now? Thank you for any help.


Forex Macro

I stayed away from this subject because it was overwhelming and depressing to revisit this subject. Meanwhile, I have been following the site where people like myself who lost money with Forex Macro gather to discuss their situaion. However, the site does not have any concrete action plan as to what to do from here.

It looks pretty clear that the company will not come back and all the money invested will not either. My feeling right now is: how can a company with 1,000s of investors just disappear overnight and no one is able to do anything about it? This is clearly an internet scam which should be punishable by law. Is the only vehicle available to start an investigation? I just want some justice and a closure.

If anyone on this site has suggestion, please reply.

Thank you.