I contacted FxMac in order to obtain more info about system performance, they simply refused to provide any?! Then, if you are stupid enough to proceed and try to open an account, the broker they recommend is based in the Seychelles!? If you then insist on a broker under European jurisdiction such as FXCM they require 100.000 instead of 1000 USD as minimum capital requirement.

Altogether FxMac gives me a bad feeling, they don't respect their potential customers enough to supply adequate information to base an investment decision on, and I would personally never send my hard earned cash to a broker based in the Seychelles.
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Dear sir, first of all I have tell you that I don't know where do yoy have your sources of information.

Axiory has segregated accounts, that's one of the more important thing for a broker. And they finishing the regulation of the FSA.

But anyway we're not the broker. Our systm woks in any ECN broker that has microlots.

Plus we have more ssytems in other regulated ECN brokers as Vantage FX, Axitrader o FXCM, as you can see:

HIGH_SCALPING System | Myfxbook


We only work with the best ECN brokers. and Axiory is one of the goods as FXCM, Pepperstone, Ironfx, Axitrader, Vantage, etc

Please sir get informed with us before comment thinks like this.

Best regards


Well it seems both of these are already blown over the last two days. Links and system's been moved off their websites as well. We can only hope you don't have too live customers on these systems. - Scammers
Dear sirs,

Our sytems results are LONG-TERM-CONSERVATIVE systems verified by Myfxbook and Fxstat.

We don't show a PDF as the scammer do.

Our results are real accounts and with no single month of loses for years.

Please, your name is "happytrader" so, you publically seem that you're a trader. Don't give negative critics to other traders if you even seem that you have not seen our website.

We wish you a good trading live and please don't make bad critics to us.

Thank you for respect. Only our clients can make critics. and obviosly they don't do it.

Clients Department FXmac


I put 5k with them as an experiment, and hopefully have a passive income in addition to my own trading. There was alot of random trading, doubling down, then attempts at hedging. Adding to loosers, all resulting in a blown account.

After the system blows, there website is updated with a new system, that has a long history. However this is done, I dont care.
The system I my account used is no longer listed, new ones popped up. Now I see there are a new set of systems, so I guess the previous ones blew.

FXMAC is welcome to argue the points I have made about. My reply will be simple, I can just paste the emails of the trades. And the emails of your administrators apologies.
Dear happytrader,

As you know, as a trader, in Forex past results don't ensure future results.

We only maintain in our website stable system.

As you know 98% of the systems in loss the almost all the funds of the investors or completely.

Due 98% of the systems in the market are martingales or grids (more or less the same).

The problem with the grids is that it has to options or you get the take profit goal or you negative open positions can grow until blow up an account.

Lastly the market has get so aggressive than the length and the speed of the markets has get too risky for 99.99% of the grids of the market.

So, we had also grids and now we are getting specialized in intraday steady systems in order to avoid situations of risk any more with grids.

We keep only system 1 that is a grid due we have 4 year of steady performance and it’s the exception of the rule about the risks in grids.

Our intraday and all the systems in Forex has risk, whoever tell you that their Forex system has not risk is not true.

If any of our intraday system starts to have a behavior that is not good for our clients we’ll take it away from our website.

We are trying to learn from our mistakes and we are trying to reduce the risks of the negative floating orders that can blow an account balance in a very complicated market. That’s why our goal is offering mostly intraday systems.

Clients Department

Marcelo Rosa

Master Sergeant
Is anybody recently investing with I'm currently in the process of start reviewing this company, any currently feedback will be highly appreciated.

My feedback so far: The old systems have been removed and new ones have been added, but you need to registered on their website in order to obtain a myfxbook link to verify the trade, at this point, I don't agree with that, it must be open to the public.

I'll investigate more and come back here once I have enough information.