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Discuss ForexMastery.com (Options University, Forex Joe Atkins)

General discussions of a financial company
Not as advertised

This is really a signals service using 'Forex Joes' proprietary entry levels - you are not told how to calculate these for yourself. You can also forget about a refund - I've tried and just get a pile of legal stuff despite the 30 day money back guarantee - so I'm feeling a bit stupid for being duped. Does anyone actually know whether Forex Joe is a successful trader - it's assumed all the way through the hype - but no proof is provided. He comes across as the worst kind of charlatan and his web casts say the same thing over and over again. My login to their proprietary levels does not work (for the second time) and so the service (which costs around $2000) is as good as useless to me. I'd advise that you stay well away from Forex Joe - he's got my money, but don't give him yours.