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Discuss ForexMegapips.com (John Parker)

General discussions of a financial company

Hi MegaPips is going well for me...Jon from support is great and explains everything.....Suggest enter info into your 'pending orders' one hour before the European FX market opens....great results. If you think your broker is increasing his spread as you get close to your S/L,,,,try just using a horizontal line on the chart to show you where your S/L is ....if you can keep a check on the chart during the 'Power Hours' .... European/New York overlap.Just some of my obsevations. Have been using GBP/JYP ,'GBP/JYP and the AUD/USD...for starters......"Courage to Continue".....:) Thanks, Chris.
Forex Megapips

Do you have an update on Forex Megapips? I'm looking for a day trading software that can do what Forex Megapips claims. But this sounds too good to be true.
Is anyone using Megapips, either as stand alone or to help with entries.It seems strange that some people rate it highly and others not, especially when the entries and targets are given.I believe you still need Forex knowledge to determine entries.