forexmentorpro made me a profittable trader.. really!

Hi Guys,

I just left a very positive review for this mentoring website. It really flipped my trading from busting two account in a month (2x$500,-) to allmost doubling it in about three weeks!.. well.. that would have happened if the EA I use did not have such a hard time

I maintain a exel log for my manual trades since nov 16 and use it for analyzing and create a graph, of which I attached a screenshot.. It clearly shows that my manual trading is quite good the last three weeks.

The daily blog and video's Marc makes with the outlook for the following day are excellent. he provide tips for possible setups, where to set pending orders and what to avoid.. all very clearly explained, he tries to keep things as simple as possible and as easy to follow as possible.

My manual trading has saved my account because the one EA I use is loosing big time.. I have now turned it off.

I am pretty sure what you learn here for $25 a month, is about the same you will learn from hyped up and overpriced courses and webinars some NBC celebrity is flooding us with via his affiliates.

'Nuff said, look at the attached graph.. if you struggle like I did..this is all you need!

(NO I am not an affiliate, NO I am not paid to write this, YES I am a happy customer of forexmentorpro)


EDIT: The one big dip around 27 November was a mistake on my part.. I took a tip blindly from another professional trader(not Marc!!), set a way to large stop loss risking 25% of my account.. I was lucky with the very positive trade right after it.

all other trades you see that losses are limited, but the occasional 100+ pip winners are the moneymakers.


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I have to agree with Lotsofjazz marc's website is excellent. As a newbie its simple. I like that. It also caters for people like me who have a day job and can only do daily trading. Although I only trade as a hobby and with small micro lots, I always make the monthly fee in profit.

Like Lotsofjazz I am slowly but surely turning off my robots (1 left still ogoing) and turning to manual trading.

Marc's "traps" are succesfull if triggered and more often than not have a very small stop loss so if they do fail, its not a problem.

Having spent money on 10+ robots and at least that many websites, they are all gone except ForexMentorPro which for me says it all.




1 Is The Best Mentorship

I Have Spent A Lot Of Money For Forex Learning Materials And Indicators. However, I Still Lost Money. Recently I Joined Marc Walton's Forexmentorpro, I Wished That I Should Have Known This Mentorship Earlier. Marc Walton And Dean Saunders Are The Best Mentors In Forex Industry. They Are Honest And Will Teach You What You Need To Win Pips. Anytime You Have A Question, They Reply To You Very Promply.


Forex Mentor PRO a/k/a Marc Walton & Dean Saunders

I would like to share my experience and opinion with our fellow traders.

I have been a subscriber to Forex Mentor PRO for the last four (4) months. And since there are many, MANY services out there with similar sounding names - I would like to be crystal CLEAR. This is the brain child of Marc Walton and Dean Saunders.

I VIGOROUSLY applaud what they have done, and are doing with the Forex Mentor PRO program.

Over and above, ALL the accolades that I can shower upon them, the single MOST important ones are – THEY & the SITE are HONEST, AND GREAT value for the money – when they “screw up” – they admit it, BUT most of the time their analysis and advice are RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Based on my experience, I have yet to see any other mentor (and I CAN name QUITE A FEW), who has the intestinal fortitude (guts) to admit error, or MISjudgment (i.e. A MIStook).

Their work is absolutely without RIVAL. It is GREAT, and GREATLY appreciated – THANK YOU!!!

Ken Long

I second this opinion. I have been with this service for 6 months, and it tops any other program I have worked with. It is not complicated, and it is not day trading, although it can be used that way and day trading aproaches are presented. It is a nightly analysis of all the important pairs and what to look for, and watch out for the next day. It is not intended to give trades and recomendations, rather it goes over all the charts analyzing support and resistance, trendlines, and chart patterns for the different trading styles, and showing the current setups to watch for.

Its been a very successful service for me. Very inexpensive compared to many others with no big upfront costs, just $30/month for as long as you care to stay. They maintain the quality, and keep their members.


An excellent service

I can only agree with many of the posts left here. Wow! I cannot commend the guys and ladies at Forexmentorpro highly enough.

I came into Forex as a complete newbie only having a rudimentary understanding of what it was all about. Their education section was full of clear guidance and instructions on how they trade with number of systems to suit most tastes.

They work hard at taking the stress out of trading. Then, if that's not enough, there are daily updates to what is happening in the markets, starting with a Sunday afternoon analysis and ending with a Friday wrap-up.

All this is neatly contained in a daily forum section where expert traders can give almost instant guidance to their members on market transactions.

But what is most amazing of all is that their service is very affordable and the encouragement given is invaluable. A team well worth joining, you'll not be dissappointed.

Truly a value for money above excellent service.