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Discuss ForexMercenary.com

General discussions of a financial company
Need Some Help

I just purchased Forex Mercenary and then opened a demo account to test it first (money back guarantee). I don't know how to integrate it into my demo account. Does anyone know how to get FM to my demo account. Sorry to be such a dumb-dumb. Also, once I find out how to do that and try it out I will be posting a review. It just came out yesterday, Jan 12,10. So is new.
Forex Mercenary

I am giving it a try as well, again on the basis that if I don't get worthewhile results I will use the guarantee given. My understanding is that it is stand-alone software so does not need to be connected to any trading platform. Signals are given and then it is up to you to place trades on whatever platform you choose.

My initial impression is not particularly positive in that the software seems very crude compared to many systems which usually operate on MT4.

I would have prefered it if they had given examples of trades rather than simply claims on how many wins in a row and how much money they have made.

Still, let's see what it comes up with.

So far, a lot of sizzle but no sausage!
Forex Mercenary program

I have installed the Forex Mercenary program and had it running for many hours but no signals at all so far. Has anyone else had signals?
Forex mercenary Signals

I have been running the program for about 8 hours now but there have been no signals and nothing changes in the white screen box. Has anyne else had signals?
Forex Mercenary

I have been runnng forex Mercenary for some hours but no signals as yet. Does anyone else have any?
Forex Mercenary

I've installed the Forex Mercenary, and I also haven't been getting any signals.

I noticed that the accompanying DOS window was showing a Java exception error message to the effect that a Socket Connection was being reset. As I'm a Java developer, I did a little digging ;-)

Their system is attempting to contact a server at "http://research.awwthortechnologies.com" to obtain real-time quote information.

This server or domain has been down for hours and hours!

It looks like they've undersized their servers for the actual demand load. This happens a lot when people are setting up data centers to respond to online applications. I've seen many examples when someone gets a few tens of friends to test there application and they believe it will scale to hundreds and thousands with no problem. Usually turns out to be a big problem with no easy fix other than to throw hundreds of thousands at the data center hardware and resources.

Bottom line - Forex Mercenary is DOA until they can get their service up and running. Also, Forex Mercenary will always be dependent on them keeping their service up and running.

I don't know how they plan to keep their business going long term. This type of business model usually requires a monthly recurring fee. They're not going to be able to finance and staff a data center that can support the quote data aggregation service for all of us with a one-time 97 dollar charge.
Forex Mercenary II

I seem to remember that they mentioned they're using forex.com as their data feed.

I'm currently using forex.com (Gain Capital) as a data service feed for my own Forex data analysis and signals on my personal trading accounts. They have an excellent API that can be used from Java or just about any other programming language that supports web service calls.

It looks like Forex Mercenary is doing the same thing but repackaging the data feed through their own data center service.

If you look in the directory created when installing the software, you'll notice several directories and files under a directory called "com". This is a standard Java naming convention.

They're using a Java scripting language called Clojure. You'll notice the included clojure.jar file included in a higher level directory.

Back to the com\awwthor\strategybox directory mentioned above, you'll see a file called "http_utils.clj". It contains the reference to "http://research.awwthortechnologies.com" for the quote service, and "http://aww.awwthortechnologies.com" for the email notification service.
Forex Mercenary Problems

as nowhoha said, i think this software will not really run in near future.
i also dont know why they published this product it in this strange way, i mean its not secured by a login or something. why are they not just sending out the signals depending on the account type to logged in users? then there are several test files in the package from developing. it looks a bit like this software has been published in an early alpha release.

also the backtest feature seems to be really strange as it also make winners on sundays ;-)

i try to get a refund.
Forex Mercenary

Guys, sorry about the multiple replies...couldn't get permission to post each time. I suspected a server problem with Mercenary. I have had that kind of overload problem with new programs before. I was also wondering about the monthly payment bit as well. It would seem they are heading for some problems with ongoing costs and no recurring fees...

Well, hope we get some signals soon. I also paid for the advanced program and haven't been able to download it - that's certainly a clumsy thing.