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Is this guy emotional?

Many students doing this course with Jon levine have been shocked to find this teacher mentor very emotional. Well, like they say, emotions should not enter the equation when you are a trader. So, does this work? Can a mentor who throws up tantrums too often really trade successfully and consistently, and can really teach anyone anything?



I've read the reviews for Forex for Everyone Mentoring Programs (Jon Levine) and they seem too perfect. Went on Jon's website and it reminds me of a Las Vegas billboard with lots of hype. Also, and he doesn't seem to offer any "free samples" such as videos, charts, mentoring; that makes me a little weary. I would appreciate it if someone could please shed a little light on his system. Is it as good as everyone claims?


Need more info on Jon Levine's system

I too think that the credits are way too perfect. Can some one who has taken his course & is now live trading shed some light on it. I 'm debating if it makes sence to subscribe or not .....

Thanks :D


Jason Pace

Has any one bought his course? I am interested to know - seems too good to be true what he is promising.



Just started this, I'll give a thorough report in time.
edit.... here's my review.

Researching to find a system that works has been a chore, there’s always uncertainty and all to easy to be lead astray. No one wants to waste their time or money. I think it took two months daily effort, before deciding on this course. High satisfaction rate was the clincher, but this and all the others have mixed reviews. I told myself I’d write a review to help make things clearer for the next person.

I’ve traded this system for the past six weeks, approximately 50 hours per week. I’ve done nothing else but study this course in that time. My ambition is to trade for a living, it can be done and I take it extremely seriously.

Before the course my forex experience has been learning the basics through internet websites and other free sources about 2 months worth.
Written in the Ebook of Jon Levine’s Forex For Everyone course, a paragraph near the end inspires confidence, it starts with,
“The system works.”
Yes, it does.

Following is my list of weekly trade results, bear in mind the horrible start, obviously I’m learning the system and will make mistakes.
Week 1, -180 pips, learning the system and making lots of errors, not reading the market correctly. Taking approx 20 trades a day.
Week 2, -100 pips, less mistakes, still learning, figuring things out, system making sense, 12 trades a day. The little rules make the difference.
Week 3, +69 pips, taking less risk, taking the clear trades only, getting a understanding of what the market is doing, taking approx 3 trades a day. Trying to read market objectively, get it right.
Week 4, +140 pips, taking all valid trades, mastering system, seeing the bigger picture in market activity, still improving. Taking 6-8 trades daily. Need more discipline, can improve further.
Week 5, +47 I have a thorough understanding now, I notice the changing conditions earlier. Mistakes due to trying new things, suffering overconfidence, have been humbled by the market.
Week 6, +138 Went live this week, sadly after I made first 100 pips. I’m close to mastering the system, I take trades with confidence. I need consistent discipline to ween out remaining errors.

I‘m trading live. That’s the biggest testament I can give this course. I’m not the only one either, the system works for a variety of people, if you can follow the rules, understand them, watch the market correctly and have your psychology under control, you’ll succeed.
It’s not enough to master your system, you must understand market dynamics and be aware of your own psychology. The course gets you started learning market dynamics, I think there can be more information in this department, it’s been a huge part of my recent success. Without the knowledge you‘ll take fake signals and not know what‘s going on with price, I had to lose 300 pips to begin to understand.
Your psychology training will begin with this course too, emotions cause mistakes. Jon’s course allows you to trade all market conditions, trending, non trending, range, news ect. Jon looks to improve his course material all the time.

When you sign up, you receive a message to give yourself some weeks preparation, to read the ebooks of the system, before mentoring begins. Take as long as you need.
I read all the books in one week, there are about nine, depending on which course you purchased. All worth reading and re-reading.

The main system book takes me about ten hours over two days with plenty of breaks in between to finish reading. By the time I started mentoring I had read it twice and more importantly had a good knowledge of it. The rules of the course are basic at first, there are many intricate rules that make this system profitable. You’ll need to read and re-read the course material many times, certain parts of the book need to be read very slowly to understand it correctly. Mandatory, put the effort in.

I’ve read the main book six times and the others about three as well as other books worth reading. When you recognize an area you’re having difficulty with, as you are re-reading the material, the answers with appear before you. Read the whole thing, some will read the summaries only, it’s not enough. The valuable information comes out when you have a deeper knowledge of the system.

Mentoring is pretty basic, a daily chart with trades Jon has taken over the day, sent to you about 4-5 hours after the close of the US market. After some weeks, you’ll find, it is more than enough, Jon’s there for any questions you may have after you’ve reviewed the chart. Everything is there, you simply have to demo trade, gain experience, learn from any errors. Re-read the material.

Three months mentoring is a long time and you have so many charts to review, they should be reviewed too. When you master the system you’ll take the same trades as Jon, until then, learn from your mistakes. Keep a trade journal, list all the details of the trades you take, it’s the only way to correct errors and stop repeating them. Mandatory.

You only get out of life what you put in.

Make the effort. I read the system book every weekend for 6 weeks, the other books during the week. It’s hard work, repetitive, boring, dull….. But every time I read that book, a rule appeared that I didn’t see before, or a concept became much clearer. It always made it worth reading.
When you review your trade journal, you’ll see what mistakes you’re making. Or where you are losing pips. As you re-read the course material you’ll focus in on the areas where you need more knowledge, you’ll find the answers. There’ll be a rule you’re not following.
This course has minimal indicators, is based on price action. Trades the EUR/USD, over the EU, London and US markets, it can be an all day affair, but it doesn’t have to be.
You are able to trade all market conditions, you are able to recognize the changing conditions. Learning the dynamics of the market is invaluable.
The system tells you when to enter, how to manage the trade, when to exit, it’s all very simple… if you follow the rules it works great. Trading off the 5 minute chart, because you wait for the close of the bar, you have a lot of time to make decisions, it’s quite slow. Emotions are kept in check, because the system tells you what to do, when you’re feeling it, just tell yourself what the rules are and follow them.
There’s a trade room to use if you want. Run by volunteers, it doesn’t replace the charts and you should consult Jon if you have questions. But the room is a good aid, you can clear your understanding of the system, see what trades you should be taking and why. It’s not a signals room, you must take your own trades and learn through experience. The room can lessen the learning curve, it’s text based. I’m currently one of the volunteers, because it gives me responsibility and I can use that to give myself more discipline.

Final word..
I’m writing this review because I’ve found a system that works, amongst the huge mass of garbage surrounding Forex, it’s difficult to find the good stuff. I can tell you, if you like minimal indicators, trading watching price action, using EUR/USD day trading, this system works.
If you put the effort in, there are people here who will help you achieve success.

You will need to learn the system, understand it well. Watch price objectively, judge it correctly, be consistently disciplined in following the rules and finally have your inner psychology under control.
But if you can do all that, I’m sure any system will work for you.

There are midterm and advanced courses, I haven’t traded them long enough to give a thorough review.
The short version, you don’t need the advanced course, the Forex For Everyone is complete in itself, having said that, I would recommend it, it gives a broader view of the market. The advance rules are minor tweeks that are worth knowing but minor. The midterm is great, I’m having great early success with it, very simple, very easy, will add couple hundred pips to my weekly day trading. The FFE course is basic in principle, there are lots of small rules which take time to learn, this is what makes it profitable.

My trading is getting better and better, I’ve set my targets for the upcoming months and I know they’re achievable. Contact if you want an update.
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Hello JPadventure,
it's been a few months since your last post about this.
Can you give us an update please?
I would like to know if you have stuck with this or just found it to be a disappointment and moved on to other things


As a newbie at the time I didn't consider what kind of trader I wanted to be, didn't know you could or had to. I've moved on because trading the 5 minute chart doesn't suit my personality, I'm too impulsive and it's too easy to overtrade.

I would still recommend this course because you'll be getting 3 months training in price action, whether you use the system or not. 3 months on the 5 minute chart is a lot of data and you'll build experience quickly.

This has taught me to trade, I've developed my own system and the futures bright. As I've gained more experience, I see what's behind the setups in the system, the reasons are sound. I may not trade the setups anymore, but I still use what I've learned.

There are a lot of setups, it takes care of all market conditions. If I were to do it again, I'd pick one of the setups, learn it, test it and trade that setup. Make money with one setup while learning, testing another setup and adding it to my arsenal. One by one incorporating them all.

On a side note.
Check out the list of recommended books to read, it's a separate thread somewhere. I've read them all and more, there are important books to read in that list. It'll make a huge difference.


I signed up to this shortly after my previous post.
It takes a lot of time and effort to learn the strategy as there are so many rules.
I had a problem with some of the trades on the charts that Jon sent out as they didn't seem to stick strictly to the rules and it soon became obvious that there were additonal rules that were not in the PDF that you receive when starting this.
Jon does not take kindly to any questioning of some of the trades that he claims to have taken and did not like the awkward qustions that I asked.
He basically told me to quit and request a refund as he was not prepared to waste any more of his time answering my queries.