ForexPipDragon - Signal service sells signals from EAs


12 using TulipFX’s KangarooEA and illegally sells its signals

TulipFX prides ourselves on being honest and wanting to do the right thing. unfortunately, not everyone else shares this same point of view.

A few days ago, one of our clients notified us about this. He noticed similar trades and suspected the trades from KangarooEA were being fraudulently sold by ForexPipDragon as their own work.

ForexPipDragon obviously could see that the KangarooEA performs well and wanted to re-sell it as their own in a “signal service”.

Although we are flattered as it proves to us that the success, knowledge and popularity of KangarooEA is really growing in leaps and bounds, we clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions that selling Kangaroo signals is not allowed.

As we strongly object to these kinds of practices, we would like to expose the unethical behaviour of and

This is a link to the account statement shown as at 31 March 2011 on the Forex Pip Dragon site:

The live log in details as were found on the website at the time of writing:
Login: 1151672
Password: Q9925
Server: ThinkForex-Live


The account which the statement comes from is the exact same account we authenticated as a review license of KangarooEA for the website, who requested to become an affiliate for KangarooEA.

Here's a screenshot from our licensing database, note the account number is identical and is checked/validated regularly by KangarooEA.


The license ForexPipDragon were using to copy our trades to their clients has now been disabled and the Forex Robots Factory site is no longer an affiliate.

I hope other EA vendors are aware of similar practices as we suspect ForexPipDragon might be using other EAs as well for his "signal service".

While the site claims the developers/owners are Chinese, the real person behind Forex Robots Factory is Gal Friedman from Tel-Aviv, Israel, and we suspect that he's also the person behind ForexPipDragon.

So please be aware that is an untrustworthy affiliate and conducts fraudulent activities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please add your input and distribute this information as widely as you can to inform others about these practices.

Kind regards,

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