Interesting trades past week for Pipstack

From 7/27/10 to 8/13/10 my Pipstack demo, as set up by tech support for $49 extra fee, has lost $13,274.80 on the fully automatic settings for the demo. I had it professionally set up by tech support, with +4 time offset for EST US, am tempted to reset it to -4, which is in keeping with trying different offsets as mentioned on Forexpeacearmy. I thought +4 would put the EA into Moscow time, and -4 to be NY EST. Will see how it works next week.

At this point, most testers would be very interested in how close it would come to blowing out the demo, but I'll see if it works better with different offsets.

Doesn't make sense that it trades worse than a coin toss.

John Nash

Developer Note

As the developer of this system, I think its important to point out that your results are not accurate. When Daylight savings time ended 5 weeks ago, I messaged your management team to change the GMT offset; this has still not been done.

The run up in equity from August to October is the true nature of the system. Also, the EA has been updated to include 2 more pairs. I've contacted the team at FPA numerous times to update the product, they have yet to do so.

Please, if you're going to run the EA, run it correctly