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Discuss ForexProfitMultiplier.com (Bil Poulos, Greg Poulos)

General discussions of a financial company
FX profit Multiplier

It sound like a great system especially for newbies, and the trade alert software will give those that have lost the confidence to be able to place a trade with confidence. Being on a 4hr TF is definately a sweet spot especially when you do not wish to be tied to a computer. Just need to let those know that the trade alert software that comes with the package has its own data feed and it looks like it will require a subscription fee. I have asked Bill this on a few occassions but he does not respond nor did he respond to others that asked the same question, he has been known to give 1 or 2 free months alerts before charging the subscrption.... To be fair he does teach all the setups to encourge independent trading.:D
unethical behavior of profit run (bill poulos)

today i posted also detailed review what happened since i bought fpm software (25 occtober).
sw got always crash and even their support asked to me to wait for solution after i installed their update version 0.35 the situation is worse than before.
when i asked refund bcoz this software, (price is 1997 usd) and on their selling page no mention about course but only software, doesn't work they replied as follow : "Dear Giovanni,
Thank you for your email.
When you made your purchase, you agreed to a refund policy that required you to show us 2 weeks of trading. This was set up so that you can give the course a fair chance. The software is just a part of the course and you do not need the software to trade the methods taught in this course.
At this point, you are still not eligible for a refund for the FPM course.
Please go through the program, trade it for 2 weeks (10 business days), keep
the log and then make your decision to return. You might find that this course
is worth keeping. Thank you.
Good Trading,
Student Support
Profits Run, Inc. "
it's unbeleavble
today i posted also detailed review what happened since i bought fpm software (25 occtober). [...]

Hy dear Giovanni,
I can not find that post here at forexpeacearmy ...

Thanks for all informations,
greetings from Hamburg/Germany,

Hy dear Giovanni,
I can not find that post here at forexpeacearmy ...

Thanks for all informations,
greetings from Hamburg/Germany,


i posted 2 days ago but still can't see it
anyway last friday their support logged on my pc and tried to solve...but till now situation is the same
i tried fpm on 4 different pc but result always the same, updated also net framework to 4.0 but no good news
well, let´s wait if you can make the software running at one of your computers ... would be good to get some trading results ...
Should not rely on the software for alerts

I found that the software was buggy and showed inconsistent behavior from machine to machine. Alerts disappear after restarting the software and for some reason vary from one machine to another. The first issue is to be fixed in an upcoming release, the second there is no answer (you are entitled to run three instances for the same subscription.) In my opinion not quite ready for public consumption which is why it is bundled into the package; a year from now it will be a paid monthly service for around $200 if memory serves me right.

The method? Well, another trend-following moving average crossover variation with conservative targets and what is claimed to be a very aggressive trailing stop strategy. Setups are nothing new if you have been around or seen a variety of setups. The explanation for placing stops with a risk/reward ratio of 2:1 makes sense but in practice hits a lot harder; you risk 100 pips to make 40? Trading off 4h charts that does not seem all that great to me.

I agree with the idea that one should learn and trade a method but in reality most people will blindly follow the alerts given by the software making you rely on this service that is going to become a subscription service a year from now.

Return policy is good but be aware that you need to track your trades for two weeks! You cannot claim that it is becoming shelfware and would therefore want to get your money back.

The packaging is very professional and targeted to the newbie trader so if you are looking at getting your feet wet then this is a good place to start. The instruction is good and should provide a foundation. There is ample mention of risk management although I think it would go a lot further to state what sort of account is needed in order to safely afford a 100 pip stop on a standard, a mini, or a micro lot in order to realize that it will take quite a bit to make up the $2,000 price (I think it is reasonable to assume that the majority of people are going to try their luck in this market with an account of less than $10,000 so standard lots are out of the question.)

My $0.02 worth, hope it helps someone make up their mind. And don't get pressured by "the door will close at midnight so jump in now..." Their offer will come around again just like that wonderful setup!

Best of luck!


PS - My trading results using two positions per order were as follows:
29 trade setups
10 did not trigger
11 winners (some hit T1 and T2, others hit T1 and BE)
and 8 full stop out (FSO) (both legs stopped out)

Problem for me is with the ratio of risk/reward.
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