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Discuss ForexProSignals.net

General discussions of a financial company
Hey everyone,

I am the owner of Forexprosignals.net. Many thanks to FPA to monitor my trade signals.

I'll share some trade idea and chart here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!
USDCAD Analysis:

USDCAD looks hold well by 1.0610 support level.

But in the cross pairs, CADCHF close above 0.8340-63, CADJPY close above 95.1, EURCAD eroded 1.4501/4487, AUDCAD close below 1.0060, all indicate further CAD strength could not be excluded.

If bullish could resume, weekly shouldn't close below 1.0659.

To the topside, 1.0678/1.0681 is the first resistance.

Above here, 1.0727-1.0751 should be watched carefully.

Daily close below 1.06 will see deeper retracement to 1.0569/1.0557 level.

USDCAD Daily Chart:


USDCAD Weekly Chart:

USDCAD Analysis:

The pair trade in a tight range.

Daily close below 1.0737/9 will be the first bearish sign. break below 1.0707-1.0696 zone may retest 1.0643/18 support.

Below here will expose 1.0560 zone.

To the topside, close above 1.0780-1.08 will test 1.0819/56.

Yesterday the pair daily closed below 1.0739.

Still perfer to trade from the short side.

1st SL on a daily close above 1.0751 (Daily cloud kijun-sen)

2nd SL above 1.0805.




Add on a close below 1.0696.
DollarYen Analysis

Daily close above 101.9 means the price close above daily and weekly cloud.

If that, may challange not only 102.24-102.4 zone, but could resume a large bullish trend directly to 102.8-103.4 zone.

Daily close below 101.3 will retest 101.02-100.8 support zone.

But I think the price may not go in a straight line, current level is still a good risk-reward sell opportunity.

Let's see how the trend develops.