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Discuss ForexSB.com (Miroslav Popov)

General discussions of a financial company
I have spent considerable time researching the Forex Strategy Builder. I am about 90% certain I want to purchase. Here are the issues:
1. Price: 1290.00 Euro for a lifetime license - Payable through PayPal. A rather considerable sum to throw into the black hole of the internet without substantial provider credibility. Amazingly, very few independent credible reviews out there. Unfortunately, there are a few scammers using the ForexSB name showing the product and even videos featuring the developer, Miroslav Popov. I sent one email asking a legitimate question on the ForexSB.com web site last week and did not receive a reply, yet. The ForexSB site offers a 30 day guarantee. Perhaps in conjunction with Paypal, the credibility issue can be satisfied.
2. The Forex Strategy Builder may be an answer to the MT4 nightmare of optimizing EAs. The Strategy Builder produces extensive strategies and EA MQL4 code scanning 111 indicators in three to five minutes, based on your own parameters. Considering few optimized EAs are successful in the demo or live environment, the trial and error approach with the MT4 tester is beyond absurd. Many hours, even days are wasted optimizing EAs that are in the end, worthless. Even running six instances of MT4 tester with a Intel 7 core processor, 12 GB RAM (DDR3 not the SSD, unfortunately) is painfully slow in producing a viable EA. I have searched continuously for a solution to this problem and have employed most of the tricks found in the forums, but nothing comes close to the performance of the Forex Strategy Builder. It is like comparing a horse driven carriage to the Space Shuttle.

So, the conundrum is risk around $1,525 USD and hope I get what appears to be a lightening fast excellent EA strategy builder or keep struggling with the MT4 tester. (You download the Strategy software to your computer). I will continue to do more due diligence before I pill the trigger. A fifteen day full function trial is available. Unfortunately, I wasted my trial period, because I was not convinced at that time I needed to risk the purchase price. In retrospect, $1,525 is a pittance compared to what I have lost and spent in the last two years becoming successful in Forex. One other note, I understand the MT5 tester is much better than MT4. Unfortunately, as a U.S. citizen I am prohibited from accessing the best brokers in the world. My current broker, appears to be honest (the first), but does not offer MT5 yet.

If there are any FPA members out there that have experience with the Strategy Builder software, please respond.
I have done some reading and feel the same as the point identified by Florida Traders. Dear friends, if you do have any advice about this solution and also the Expert Advisor Studio which is a browser based solution from ForexSB.com I have been researching about this solution and quiet interested. Considering the fact it is significant investment, any insight from fellow members would be appreciated. Should I invest in the solution, certainly I will share my experience and observation with others.