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I signed up for Forex Social Signals (ITM Financial) on October 29, 2012. The subscription rate was at a price of $47.00 for the first month and $97.00 every month thereafter (the least expensive of their packages).

The month of November, I was very happy with the service. Their end-of-month results were positive and I found their customer service to be prompt, accommodating, and courteous.

December was a different story. After receiving 30+ signals in November, and only 6 signals as of 17 days into December, I grew concerned. I emailed their support team about it and it was disclosed to me that signals had been given that I was not receiving. It was then disclosed to me they mistook my subscription for a "Trade Copier" package, which is not what I had signed up for, and that I did not in fact miss any signals. So $97.00 for 6 signals, and a net loss.

I still do not believe their story due to the inconsistencies between the two customer support persons (Shawn, decent, and Alan, a prick).

I've saved every signal email since October 29th with this company and would be more than happy to share them with you if anyone is curious as to the caliber of their signals and, possibly worse, the caliber of their customer service.

I was offered a free month for my concerns and as of today, December 21, 2012, my account has been deleted, 8 days before my expiry day, 1 month and 8 days before what was offered to me as compensation.

I've requested a refund for the month of December since signals were not provided as advertised, there was an agreed technical issue regarding my receiving signals (they later changed their mind on that), and most importantly my subscription was mysteriously terminated prematurely. Not only was I not receiving what was advertised, I am not longer even allowed access to what I have already paid in full for.

I would appreciate any assistance as I have never done this before, but am seriously disgusted with these guys and feel like I have been ripped off. The most disgusting thing is their cancelling my paid membership prematurely. I would like my money back, at least for December, due to the aforementioned reasons.

I will keep you posted as to their reply and can provide any further information desired. If I do not hear back from them soon, I wish to open up a Case.


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Hello CFLFX,
Your displeasure with this relatively new Signals Service is clear.
You must consult their Terms of Service as advertized to make a determination if you should be eligible for a refund based on any guarantees that may have been offered.
No firm is required to do business with all commers. Perhaps your poor relationship with customer service has caused them to decide they do not want you as a client?
Please email them again; ask them to explain their actions in writing and include the link to this thread, then confirm here that you have done so.
Ask them to address your complaints here for the benefit of all FPA Membership including yourself.
I would wait until this issue has been addressed or resolved before posting a definitive Review here:
Forex Social Signals | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army
but, you might want to post and update your experiences with them on the Discussion Board for this Signal Service here:
reference this thread with a link on the discussion board post, as well.
Do these things, and let's see what happens before declaring this a "Scam", the threshold for which is higher than merely a non-profitable track record and some intitial technical issues with one client.
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It is odd that they offered a free month as compensation and then dumped you. Email them a polite note to inquire about this.

Please leave a followup here and let everyone know what they said.

BTW - How did you pay?


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Hey guys.. I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to chip in. Couple of months ago I subscribed to their service and boy what a different story their signals tell now when I look back. Of course, i did cancel my subscription within 2 weeks of joining them and got my refund without any issues (funny thing is I keep getting their signals even now).

While it goes straight to my spam folder, I keep comparing their signals now and then. It looks more like an amateur scalp trades more than anything else.

What prompted me to update this rather old thread is the fact that they heavily advertise on google adwords and search any phrase (Bollinger band strategy or any other indicator) and they are bound to show up. For a beginner, its a perfect honey trap to fall into this pit.

Unfortunately, I guess nothing can be done and I assume such traps are kind of what determines a trader's right of passage.

Anyways, while I won't call them a scam, their signals definitely do not add up to their advertising messages.

Guys, can we/do we have a thread for signal services? Something that can focus not on the 'pips' they make but on the ethics that they follow?

I have two signal services that I wish I could make others aware of.