I've been using steam on a demo account for a few weeks, with great results. This week, I put it onto my live account. It's made 7 trades, with 7 wins. Initially I had problems getting it running, but Paul suggested some new settings, and now it runs just fine. I'm pretty well adverse in trading strategies, but honestly don't understand this one. I've watched it open trades completely against the current trend, but everything, it closes out for the win. I think it opens a trade toward the top or bottom end of the Bollanger band, something like that, but not really sure. Either way, it's winning the trades. At one point on day 2, it did drift over 40 pips offside, but I decided to let it do its thing, and it came back the next day and closed out for plus 10 pips. I was sceptical, but so far, so good. I'm currently only using £2 a pip, and I've set take profit to 8 pips, to be sure to lock in profits.
I don't believe that the comments and reviews on forex robot nation are fake, there are people on there having issues, but on the whole, everyone is making money using this EA.
I think perhaps sometimes the market conditions will lead it to losses. I'd personally turn it off during those days or even weeks, when economic news will Rock the ERU/USD pair.


Hi all. Actually I'm new to this site.I bought steam recently (actually they sent me v5.2 instead of V9) and already setup my robot on MT4 with XM as my broker. I used forex steam light with filter EURUSD M5 and I let it running on my demo account with USD 1000.00 since Wednesday but my robot did not trade until now. It's nearly 48 hours & still no trade. Already e-mail forex steam support for help & already follow the setting as they advise from their email reply but robot did not trade.
I really appreciate if anyone could help me with this. Below are my robot settings :

Magic 99999
News filter : false
Minutes before news : 60
Minutes after news : 60
Lots : 0.01
mm : false
risk : 10.0
min lot : 0.01
maxlot : 50.00
ecn : true
maxtrades : 1
tradesperbar: 1
stop loss : 30
retrace exit : true
pip stick : 40
pip retrace : 20
trade balance : 1
include high : true
include medium : true
include low: false
include speaks : true
Long&short positions
enable alerts
Live trading
allow live trading
Allow DLL imports
Allow import of external experts
Expert advisors
Allow automated trading
Allow DLL imports
Allow Webrequest for listed URL

Appreciate anyone who could advise me if there's something wrong on my settings
Thank you
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Hi guys,

Could, please, anyone share the settings for Forex Steam Light version. I heard, that some traders are extremely lucky using this bot. For example Mr. Gerhardt from Germany wrote that his students were using this bot for a long time. Please, Mr. Gerhardt share the settings. My be some successful traders could share their results and the settings as well. Thank you in advance, guys.


I am surprised to see that someone can get it work. It has been two weeks now, nothing works on my demo and real account.


Forex Steam EA

Has anyone tried the Forex Steam EA?
I don't see it being tested, but it looks like the best one.

I'm pip hungry man! :mad:
I recently purchased and the demo results were so encouraging I went to live trading after a few days. On a 5k account I am up over $400 dollars in 4 days. I know that is a small sample rate, but I am happy so far.


I don't want to say the EA is a "scam""!
What i can say is that EA is not useless!
Don't let it run 24 hours unattended on a live account. If, only with micro lots. Don't use MM higher then 2%. Better turn it off at all. Don't use "Retrace". 20 Pips is still too much. Use a thight SL.
In short, forget about the "Default" setting!

The reason why I'm writing in this old thread:
The V10 seems to me streamlined and flattened, because there are many settings gone.
Like "Hedging" for example! So the main reason I write here is to ask, if somebody has still the files of the older versions 7 8, or 9 (Light+Extra/Normal)? I want to adjust it more and try to make it work better as it is now. The support is not able, or don't want give me access to the tiny Zip-File of an older version!

I bought the EA V10 a month ago and tested wit many accounts and different settings.
With "Default" Settings, it's just an account drainer. I found out, that you've to work with
thight SL and the Break Even function, to get rid of those big losses 90, or 20 Pip retrace losses.
With the break function (2+1), I've realized that the entries are mostly against a very obvious trend.
Many don't even reach the 2 Pips BE (or very late) and going underwater directly, going more down (against the current trend) hitting the full SL or retrace, or dwelling for ages when the trend stops, until very much later it might turn around. Also, the EA opens no more additional trades in such a situation. Here the hedging function would come into play, but it's gone.
With luck, you can scratch the 5 Pips TP (default 10 is rare!). When the entry exceptionally hit a move in the right direction, or the market is turning in your favour, you hitting the "scalping" TP and leaving the money on the table. Here works a high TP with the Trailing Stop function.
90 Pips SL and 10 Pips TP (against the trend), has nothing to do with "Scalping"!
So the entries are the problem, and what strategy, or indicators is the EA using for a trade?
The support can't, or don't want to explain it, as the "Blog" and the documentation is nothing more than quiet "overseeable". Especially Mr. Paul is "responding" quick, but giving no "answers". The more you insist, the more "offhand" the answer gets.