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Discuss ForexSupersonic.com

General discussions of a financial company
Doesn't work ...

Tried the manual 'supersonic' trading several times and it didn't correctly place any orders.
I'm sure this one is a dud
Forex Supersonic EA, Advanced and Swiss Versions

I have tried all three versions on an IBFX Mini Account (5 digits) and non of the three bots will set up or place a trade order. THis could be a lot of BS... or else the IBFX people have blocked the trading? :confused:

i loaded the basic and advanced version 2 days ago and no trades made yet i sent an email to info@forexsupersonic.com and no reply yet... in their download page they said it could be up to 48 hrs before reply!
Very Bad supersonic - hahahahaha

I lost for 4 position on this EA - hahahahahaha. Still trying tomorrow. Will give feed back as soon as possible.
Settings for Forex Supersonic

I've always liked this type of strategy and may be interested in purchasing it. What are the default settings for the GBP/USD and GBP/JPY? Just the take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop if it uses one.

Thanks, Optiontrader.
Attached standard and advanced version 3 days ago.
The standard version opened one trade, but outside the box.
The pending order was set at 4:53 GMT.
Because of this I lost 2 times 20 pips.
If the EA would have set the order at the right time and price,
I would have gained 20 pips 2 times.
The advanced version did not open any trade till now, even though all entry criterias was filled.
No answer from support since 3 days.:shocked:
Customer support ? What support !

I tried the Manual version for a few days and had one decent winner, but when I looked back over recent history there appeared that there would have been a number of losers, certainly a lot more than the winners.

I bought the advance version EA after being sucked through the click bank marketing machine, I only purchased the advanced version as the standard one had no inputs to change.

The GBPUSD has all the settings for take profit, trailing stop etc etc, but the GBPJPY EA has nothing, not even a stop loss !!!! a great concern as this pair can tear off in any direction for a large number of pips and cause a major loss.

Also I couldn't see any difference apart from the setting changes in the EA's inputs between the GBPUSD & GBPJPY, so I am guessing the the GBPCHF robot, that again costs extra, would be the same, but may have a couple of input changes, that you could do yourself anyway.

I have sent a number of emails to customer support and they havent replied to any so far. And I have a strange feeling that there not going to either.

Very disappointing will be getting a refund straight away.
Yeah, this thing has not done a thing since I got it and there were trades to be had. Also, I bought it through forexsupersonicbonus.com because they promised an optimization guide. I haven't heard from them since. Could have been a ploy just to get the commission.

to be fair this is my report about EA Supersonic...

1. 5th August, 2010 -

a. GBP/CHF - lost 30 pips x 2 = 60 pips

b. GBP/USD - lost 30 pips x 2 = 60 pips.

c. GJ - nothing trigered.

2. 6th August, 2010

a. 6th August - GJ

a.1 - win 30 pips.

a.2 - win 1 pips - hitting by trailing stop - (CAD news )

b. GBP/CHF - nothing happen

c. GU - nothing happen.

Will try this again for one week. Hope everything will be ok.

Allah Hu.

ps.... no bonus was given after bought 3 packages. Hope they will give it sooner or later.