12 - Neural - System - experienced, reviewer?

I would be interested to read any reviews from someone that has tried and tested this system thoroughly for different trade styles under different market conditions.

The first time I encountered the system creators work was from the snakeforce indicator which repaints, or for some that prefer the term dynamically redraws the past. I am not sure why this is because I think it was based on a simple moving average type calculation. The London Rush uses a moving average for its trend indicator and works better (some may say?) without repainting, if my memory serves me correctly. Anyway, anyone has experience with ForexSync system indicators? And if you know the logic or any part of inner workings (system creator) please share what you can with us here. Experienced traders like to know what it is they use on their charts. I am particularly interested in the "Neural" part of the system, what combination or type of indicators are used for this, if any at all?

There are no details on the neural network algorithm on the forexsync site. This makes me wonder whether if it has any true neural network at all or if the creator is keeping it ultra private about the basics. Hopefully some independent reviewers that are customers of forexsync site will popup and post here along with the system creator to answer any of the enquiries.


One quick note

I forgot to mention one more note in my original above post. That you can indeed try the demo version of the indicators.

I myself have not yet done this, but it is from paying customers that I really want to read reviews from because they must have liked it enough to pay for it.

Can you tell us any good and bad points that apply to this system, when it is best to use it, etc. I will give it a go myself if no one on here that is a customer writes a review.
Forex Sync | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army

I would like any reviewser to also comment in this forum thread. I think its good the creator of the system allowing users to demo it before purchasing the full licenced copy. But still would be nice to read reviews from paying customers that still use it, thanks.


i am using forex sync system

i am already using forex sync system, it is working for me it can give 100 to 250pips at lest on average every month on a single pair.:confused: