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Discuss ForexTester.com

General discussions of a financial company
We are the official representatives of Forex Tester Software and we will be glad to answer any question related to our product. Please feel free to post your queries about features, technical issues, price policy and other topics that interest you.
Forex Tester says that my registration key is invalid so I need a new registration key.

Please follow the next steps to receive a new registration key and re-register Forex Tester:

  1. Download latest Forex Tester version from our site: http://www.forextester.com/download
  2. Install it on your computer (you can find installation instructions
    here: http://www.forextester.com/installation )
  3. Run your Forex Tester.
  4. Go to Help → Register program menu.
  5. Choose "I do not have a registration key" and press "Next".
  6. Choose "Yes, I already paid" and press "Next".
  7. Fill key request form in next window. Choose "Old key does not work" option as reason to request the registration key.
    If you forgot some contact information, you can write something like “Don’t remember”.
  8. Press "Request key" button.
  9. We will generate registration key for you and send it via email within next 24 hours.
Can Forex Tester work on Apple Macintosh computer?

It cannot work under Apple operation system, but can work if you install Windows on this computer or run some Windows simulation software (VM Ware, for example).
I purchased Forex Tester program but I can't find a file with 10 manual strategies. How can I receive it?

Please go to this page: http://www.forextester.com/getpdf, enter your order number (which you received after Forex Tester purchase) and click "Submit" button. After this you will be able to download the file with strategies from our site.
I have downloaded historical data but cannot see these data in Testing Mode.

If you want to see historical data from History Mode in Testing Mode then you need to generate ticks for these data.

Please note that if you want to test many currency pairs at the same time then you need to generate ticks for these currency pairs at the same time.

So please do the following:

  1. Switch to History Mode.
  2. Open Data Center window.
  3. Check if you have enough historical data for currency pairs which you want to test.
  4. Click “Generate ticks” button.
  5. Check necessary currency pairs which you want to test and click “Generate” button Please note that each tick generation erases previously generated data so you need to generate ticks for few currency pairs at the same time.
  6. Switch to Testing Mode.
  7. Open charts of necessary currency pairs via File → Add New Chart menu.
  8. Click “Start Test” button to start a new test.
You can read an instruction about how to generate ticks on our site here: http://www.forextester.com/ticks
I have started a test and see "No Data" message on the chart.

It is ok that Forex Tester shows “No Data” message in Testing Mode. It is just the result of the previous test but if you did not do any test before on some currency pairs, it will show “No Data”.

You just need to start a new test to replace “No Data” message with quotes. Do not forget to unpause the testing.

However, if you started a test and the chart is still empty then probably you have different data periods for different symbols. For example, you may have data for AUDUSD starting from 01.01.2001 and data for GBPUSD starting from 01.01.2002, in this case when you start a test GBPUSD chart will be empty until the testing date reaches 01.01.2002. So please start a test from the date where you have data for all pairs or please import more data in Data Center.
I have problems with loading the project.

You can open the project after generating ticks but note that list of currency pairs should be the same as it was, when you saved a project.

Please open "SymbolInfo.dat" file from your project’s folder () you can open such files with the help of “Right click → Open with → Notepad”.

In this file, you will see records like:


2010.02.22 16:51

2010.02.23 23:59


2010.02.22 16:51

2010.02.23 23:59

It means that you need to generate ticks for AUDUSD and USDJPY symbols for 2010.02.22 16:51 - 2010.02.23 23:59 date range or wider. Note that ticks have to be generated for all necessary pairs simultaneously (all necessary pairs have to be selected in “Generate ticks” dialog).

So you need to check that you have ticks generated for all necessary currency pairs (but not for more pairs) for proper date range. If you have lesser date range then you need to extend it.

If you load the project and want to continue testing please click “Start Test” button and select “Continue testing from last date” option, after this you will be able to continue your testing and you should see your trade history.
I have “Cannot start test, have error: Access violation at address…” error.

Probably, some data files in your program damaged. So please switch to History Mode and re-generate ticks, this should help.
What is the time zone of your data / How can I adjust the time zone of the data in Forex Tester?

All our data are provided in GMT time zone without Daylight Saving Time support, you can change the time zone with the help of “Shift time” slider in Data Center. Note that the time zone will be adjusted for selected currency pair only.

For example you want to switch data to NY time zone (GMT-5) so you need to set “Shift time = -5” Note that Daylight Saving Time will not be reflected.