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Discuss ForexTradersDaily.com (Dustin Pass, Jonathan Silver)

General discussions of a financial company
please can any one help me on how to get secret news weapon, Sir pips live trading room, Russ Mullen's live trading room and Dustin Pass' Rapid signal software and the profit center. Please if anyone out there has any information please help. Thanks
Dustin Pass is a Serial pest. He turns up under so many masks that it amazes me that this guy still gets away with trying to sell his "so called software". Email DP Claim 1.."I've developed a powerful trend-following trading software
that's based on the exact methods I used as a multi million-dollar fund manager.".......where is the proof that DP did hold this position. If he did he would have NO problem in identifying the Company he worked. Email DP Claim 2... "I just released an amazing piece of software to end this vicious cycle once and for all"...WOW. And the name of this software is what?? It is Forex Black Book Software!!!!!! If you want to believe this stuff then expect to lose any investment you make with this scammer. After he gets your Email address and you TELL him to go away. NO DP will return later as a NEW business with a new offer to trick the newbies. WHO are these unnamed people on his Website, Barry Battista is …???? Ross Mullins is …???? Derek Frey is…???? Dustin Pass…???? What? DP cannot fill in any detail about himself.....strange. This company is owned by Global Profit Systems International, LLC. 6999-02 Merrill Rd suite 251
Jacksonville, FL 32277 Phone: (904) 638-1990 Email info@forextradersdaily.com Website Forex Trader's Daily
Who is Dan Kline Operations at Global Profit Systems International, LLC ???
From Linkedin....Dave Allam may be able to provide more specific information for those who may need to follow up on any matters with Global Profit Systems International, LLC Platform Manager
Capital One
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; COF; Financial Services industry
October 2012 – Present (4 months) Richmond, Virginia Area

Operations Specialist, Support Manager
Global Profit Systems International, LLC
August 2010 – October 2012 (2 years 3 months)

* Project Management for our new trading programs
* Manage worldwide support team for our clients
* Structure back-end systems between CRM's, members areas, product access, and our marketing pages
* Interact with clients and their accounts they hold with GPSI, LLC
* Trade on the SpotFX market on a daily basis
Market Analyst / Business Support
Global Profit Systems International, LLC
February 2007 – November 2010 (3 years 10 months)

• Moderate a live trade room facilitating over 300 clients on average per session.
• Manage a $1.5 million fund in Spot FX averaging a gain of 5.6% monthly.
• Support clients through Kayoko Support Suite, live chat, informational traders’ forums as well as phone.
• Manage five websites by building archives of live videos, trade data, and images linked to our three main subscription services.
• Partner with marketing team to develop company resource media and content.
• Develop, build, and implement web pages for business growth and expansion.
Back Room Trader and Project Manager
Concorde Forex Group
July 2004 – February 2007 (2 years 8 months)

• Analyze markets and published data for distribution to our clients.
• Manage and trade company accounts in the Spot FX Market.
• Collaborate daily with company analysts to develop overall strategy for money management and client content distribution.
• Attend and evaluate company presentations to new and prospective clients for feedback and program development.
• Lead projects to increase efficiencies for client billing and website management.
• Support clients through phone, email, and in office assistance for trading and software.