Forexyard Chart Data Delayed by minutes without notice.

Gregor Anton

I've been a big fan of the ActFx Platform, despite Forexyard's rather laughable and rude support.

However just several weeks ago I encountered a serious problem that still has gone unsolved and has cost me hundreds of dollars.

My live chart data was delayed by minutes without notice. The application showed me as connected and no warnings were given. I placed a trade and realized shortly after it went bad that the chart data was delayed by minutes, I could tell because my local pc time was not in sync with Forexyard's time, it was minutes behind. Furthermore by going to another machine and opening another trading platform I was able to verify that their data was delayed. Their demo system was just fine but their live data was delayed by minutes without notice.

Support was contacted and they acknowledged the issue and claimed responsibility when I provided the screenshot and scenario.

However after asking for a refund for the bad trade, the buck passing began and they requested more and more information, which I provided.

We ruled out my internet connection.
We ruled out my pc.
We ruled out the application install.

The "It's a problem on our end" support answer turned into pages of pass the buck type responses claiming it's not their fault that their chart data is delayed without notice.

There was absolutely no warning that the connection was dropped or chart data delayed.

When I contacted their online support I asked for the senior manager and his/her email. I was disconnected.

The second time I asked the question 5 times and was given answers like they're out of the office, I don't know their email. Finally after repeated attempts and forecfully saying that support should show some integrity and provide the info, the email address of a manager was provided... The company's president's name, Lee More, was provided but no contact information. After finally getting the email address, Russel, the support tech simply hung up with "have a great day."

This is no way to run support and deal with already frustrating situations.

All I want is Forexyard to take some responsibility, show some integrity, and provide a refund!!


Keep a demo chart open with them. If it happens again, use the delay to make some winning trades for the amount you lost. Then contact them. Tell them that you will be ok with them canceling the profit you made because of their technical error as long as they also cancel the loss caused by the same technical error.