Forexyard SCAM (affiliate)

thomas ewing

Private, 1st Class
I am a member of the forexyard partner system (affiliateayrd)

1st problem

first person i referred using my link didnt show up,

turns out my link was broken,

they fixed this and said i had earnt my first comission of 300usd but minimum payout is 600usd

so i get on to my next referal

2nd problem

my second referal didnt get recogniseed either but after emails and emails i finally got them to agree to pay me what I was owed

my second referal was in december

3rd problem

i was promised payment on 15th of jan (pay day for affiliate yard affiliates)

i waited and no pay

then i was promised 15 of feb

still no money

ignored emails after ignored emails and broken promises after broken promises

very very angry as 600usd would be a great help and I am owed it!

plz help


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Why are you doing business with a two (2) stars (not reccommanded) rated broker?

And, in referring friends/relatives/associates to this un-reccommanded broker, are you not getting them into trouble with losing their hard-earned money??

All actions have consequences, and each of us have to take that into account in our every day life.