ForexYard Withdrawal Issue resolved


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My name is Ismail Mohamad

How trouble starts?

I am a client with ForexYard, a Non Regulated forex broker, operating in Nicosia, Cyprus.
Initially I opened a Supermini trading account number 2867. (I applied for a Standard trading
account But was approved a Supermini trading, seem a bit strange but I just accepted it. )
Trading in this Supermini was fast trade-execution and profitable.for me.
Then, I was invited to shift over to a new Standard trading account. There was
also a cash bonus offered of USD300 (as advertised) and for this trading account if I deposit USD1,000,
which I accepted. The all new deposit of USD$1,000 plus the Funds in from the Supermini account 2867
was then deposited in the new Standard trading account number 20704. However, cash bonus was not
given. Trouble started, when I wanted to withdraw my money, The Account manager known to me as Mr Daniel or Danny called asking me, not to report to my forum, and the cash bonus then appear in the Trading account. I applied for some withdrawal of capital and profit but the money never arrive in
my bank account which is having VISA attached to it. The same source which I used for depositing all
my funds into ForexYard.and FxPro.(another Cyprus-based broker)Yes ,trouble starts when I have this Standard trading account of which trade-executions become much much much slower than my earlier already closed Supermini account.

Thereafter I decided to request for withdrawal a major part of my money from this Standard
Trading 20704, however, all request withdrawals have been strangely cancelled after week from the request. For withdrawal. I also note that the cash bonus of USD$300 was taken back , but this not a problem for me.

Attached (3) below is the a copy of screenshot of the details of my several Requests been cancelled. Also shown the payments been made on 7th October 2008 and 21st Oct 2008 but never arrived at my Bank account .
(On going claims have been made till now, even though more that 6 months, but this is continuously claim, and never answered officially) I suspected a criminal breach of trust is in operations. Mr Daniel
Of Accounts and Support Department knewn about this all along, because I email to him, he call me too.
So he cant claim any miss understanding. Or unknown to him.

Forexyard claimed they have paid me, by sending the payments to my bank.(thru Visa.) However, my banker said nothing was received. I ask from Forexyard for proof of payment. They have no answer and did not provide any until today.

Attached (5) below, is my chat with Mr Hugh (IB Manager of Forexyard). Since not a staff of the support department or Accounting department are willing to respond to all my emails, I seek help from Mr Hugh
who has tried helping, but what he got is the same “Client had been paid” answer.

My Request to ForexYard,

Forexyard as forexbroker, definitely have a proper accounts and payment vouchers , it is impossible accept to just reply to anyone, “we have paid this client” kind of answer. Only a bogus forex broker would have use this sort tactics.. Now,I need the real professional answer for this question below.

“If payment, is made as shown in my trading account details, where is my fund/money gone to?
Please show a confirmed receipts by Visa for my account or my Bank for this the transactions, so that further investigations can be made ?
Any avoidance towards this passage, I will take it as ForexYard a conduit to Criminal Breach of Trust and therefore, I will call upon international forex brokers
And International Bankers to immediately withdrawal of their deposit, because a big forex scam is now in operation. We all can contact any forex magazine about having real evidence of this sort scams! ”

I can always verified these payments, if ForexYard had made the real payments. AND THAT
Genuine transfer of funds had been made into my Bank /Visa account.
It’s a real wonder why ForexYard had been refusing to do the simple right thing.


(1) My ForexYard Account 20704 detail account .
(2) My last withdrawal request dated 12 February 2009
(3) My withdrawals request has been mysteriously cancelled.(not at my request)
(4) My account 20704 money GONE!
(5) Chat with Mr Hugh (IB Manager) he tried to assist but failed.
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Document of my Accounts and Request for Withdrawals been Cancelled

Here some are scancopies of all the proof and episodes and drama ,that I have to go thru claim my withdrawals,


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  • Forex Yard 20704 balance.jpg
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Below is the copy of Skype Chat with Mr Hugh of Forexyard

Mr Hugh Gordon is the IB Manager of ForexYard, he tried to help, but
Accounts and Support Department Manager, is not giving professional answer like "we have already paid this client".

Well, I dont think this is professionally accept to members of this forum or any
old guy like me. ;)

My Full Chat with Mr Hugh Gordon
Meta is me.
14th April 2009(local time)

[6:10:56 PM] Meta: Thanks for accepting!
[6:44:03 PM] hugh gordon: hi
[6:44:10 PM] hugh gordon: hugh here from forexyard
[6:44:25 PM] hugh gordon: you're an affiliate of ours?
[6:44:57 PM] Meta: yes..I did register for it
[6:45:28 PM] hugh gordon: whats your name?
[6:46:53 PM] Meta: my id is Akademi
[6:47:15 PM] Meta: Im Ismailmohamad
[6:47:36 PM] Meta: hope u still remember me
[6:48:51 PM] hugh gordon: ah yes of course, Mr wildpips
[6:49:00 PM] Meta: Yes Sir
[6:50:08 PM] hugh gordon: i have asked about your payment so many times and every time i get the same answer, that the withdrawal was made and the money retyred to your Visa
[6:50:37 PM] hugh gordon: i am not syaing that your claim is untrue of course, perhaps there was a problem with the transfer at some stage
[6:51:19 PM] hugh gordon: i sent an email last week to my boss asking for a payment confirmation receipt, although i did not hear back from him yet
[6:51:20 PM] Meta: I had the same answer from forexyard, but when I check with my banker
[6:51:33 PM] hugh gordon: right
[6:52:02 PM] Meta: but there is no payment from ForexYar
[6:52:09 PM] Meta: *ForexYard
[6:52:25 PM] hugh gordon: have you checked with your credit card company?
[6:52:31 PM] Meta: the same account i use for transaction with FxPro
[6:52:31 PM] hugh gordon: you spoke to VISA about it?
[6:53:03 PM] hugh gordon: did you speak to VISA?
[6:53:19 PM] Meta: The bank account have Visa (debit card attached ) to it
[6:53:42 PM] Meta: So my dealing is only with my banker
[6:54:00 PM] hugh gordon: ok
[6:54:02 PM] hugh gordon: please give me another few days to get the payment confirmation receipt and
[6:54:19 PM] hugh gordon: then we can know for sure
[6:54:35 PM] Meta: ok..thanks Hugh, let's pursue
[6:54:43 PM] hugh gordon: ok
[6:54:48 PM] Meta: (y)
[6:55:12 PM] hugh gordon: hopefully we can sort this out, this is very rarte for somethin like this to happen and it is important to us to sort it out
[6:55:14 PM] Meta: Thanks Hugh..have a great day Sir!
[6:55:20 PM] hugh gordon: you too!
[6:55:23 PM] hugh gordon: bye for now
[6:55:28 PM] Meta: bye.
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You can always make instant deposits,and I do mean they are instant,to these guys,but withdrawing certainly becomes a problem,so why are the deposits instant and the withdrawals are.....................
After going down almost ten grand,I finallly made some money trading one day,so I made some new trades based on the amount in my acct,well they promptly took my winnings and closed my open trades on margin call,and wiped me out,below is an exchange,and my acct statement where they took the 880 dollars US,the ****ing platform made mistakes before which took my money,but the ****ing crooks never replaced that.....****ing criminals...................,stay away from these ****ers

Default Forexyard scamming - 12-28-2009, 01:29 PM
I posted before about how the platform was always screwing up,and screwing me out of money,last night I made a profit finally,only to see my account wiped out this morning,here is an explanation from forexyardPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Ashley'

Ashley: How can I help you today?

Robert: What happen to my account?

Ashley: what is your account number?

Robert: 22584

Ashley: and what is the issue?

Robert: Where did the money go?

Ashley: again, what money? please be more specific

Robert: My balance was over 1200 before the last two trades which closed at-288 and -30.58

Ashley: ok, so is your question about the two trades?

Robert: It's about what happen to the rest of the account?

Ashley: one moment

Ashley: you will receive an email shortly explaining the issue. basically the profits you made last night on the EUR/USD pair were invalid because there was a mistake with the platform and it presented a price that was not available in the market. also scalping was done. both invalidated the trades and we unfortunately had to take back the profits made

Robert: Really?

Ashley: yes. like i said you should receive a more detailed email shortly

Robert: ok

Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Greg'.

You are now chatting with 'Greg'

Greg: How can I help you today?

Robert: There is a problem with my account balance...

Greg: You were sent an email which explained the platform error.

Robert: this is bull****,,,

Robert: The platform made errors before to,but you guys did not put back the money it took!!!!!

Greg: Give us the ticket numbers and the time it occurred.

Greg: Any platform error will be negated in the account, whether it was profit or loss

Greg: Sometimes errors go unnoticed, unfortunately. If you see one, let us know

Robert: It was the old platform you guys were using,I have no access to it now.

Greg: The platforms are the same, only the layout changed

Robert: Still no email

Greg: I'm not sure if it was sent out. But you will receive it eventually. Ashley explained the issue earlier, however. Here is what she said: Ashley: you will receive an email shortly explaining the issue. basically the profits you made last night on the EUR/USD pair were invalid because there was a mistake with the platform and it presented a price that was not available in the market. also scalping was done. both invalidated the trades and we unfortunately had to take back the profits made

This is bull****,the platform screwed up before,but they never put my money back,****ing criminals......................................... ........

187303 17/12/2009 Withdraw Credit Card 300.00 Processing
187745 20/12/2009 Deposit Credit Card 464.55 Deposited
188448 24/12/2009 Deposit Credit Card 472.41 Deposited
188603 28/12/2009 Withdraw Credit Card 200.00 Cancelled
188644 28/12/2009 -880.00 Processing
188645 28/12/2009 -880.00 Deposited
I don't understand one thing. If you wana get ****ing rich, why stealing so small. These ****er can't understand, doing small scam won't help. All they do is alert people.

Buddy, Beat the hell out of Forex Yard. They called me many many times when i was IB of GCI trading. Well working with GCI was a good experience as well but it took them atleast 6 years to scam me.
I hope they get what they deserve,I wonder how many more innocent victims these ****ers robbed, of their hard earned money....
Karma will get them

Rest assured Pippedout that your posts WILL hurt their criminal enterprise. This POS bucketsh_t staffed by sub-human slime will get theirs. I just wish they would answer their Chat line so I could curse their generations "live". They just dont care.(more likely they only have 1 employee who runs this thing out of his mothers basement and he is usually spanking his monkey with the stolen funds?)My advice to ANYONE is avoid at all costs ANY so-called "Broker" with even 1 scam case against them. Forexyard is fast becoming the "new" Refco. There are WAY to many complaints posted about these criminals to even consider sending them money.They should change their name to ForexGraveyard instaed?:p:p:p
Another complain for forex yard

I had the same problem when i wanted to withdraw money from forex yard .In fact they have bring me big disaster in my business as when i wanted to withdraw the money i wanted to pay for some bills wich i still ought (4 months passed.)and i can`t run the business i have.At the same time my creditcard was hacked but i can`t be sure if it was by them.ForexYard has a very good website for forex trading but as i read the coments about the company its rather a scam.I ve quited Forexyard.
I suggest staying away.