forinvests contest is a sacm

peter okeke

I won the contest and they sent this email to me.
Dear Mr. Okeke,
AC 151654 - Congratulation!

You have won the Second Prize in the "Trading Competition-Round 18",
and the Prize of USD 3,000 Live Account with ForInvest Group.

Kindly note that upon "Competition Rules", paragraph 10,
to obtain your prize, we need the following:
- Copy of your Passport or ID.
- Copy of any utility bill.
- Full contact details
- Fees, the total of $377.60 USD (Fed 7.4%, Can 5.2%)
Please send the above as soon as possible to activate your live account.

Best Regards

Marie Voucheir
ForInvest Group

They requested that i must pay the tax money i pleaded with marie to pay the money in instalmental.After that she sent this email to me.
Dear Mr. Okeke,
Thank you for your email.

The Management has approved the fees to be in two installments,
$194 directly, and $183.6 later on.
Would you please give us a specific date of the $183.6,in order to proceed
with activation you prize account.

Waiting your reply.

Marie Voucheir
ForInvest Group

After one week and three days i made a profit of 7000 dollars with the 3000 dollars i requested for withdrawal which they did answer then after a day they sent this email to me.
Dear Mr. Okeke,
Thank you for your email.

Kindly note that you cannot make a withdrawl from your account right now,
Upon Competition Rules;

10. Prize
The first winner will obtain a real trading account with ForInvest Group with an amount of USD 5000,
the second USD 3000, and the third USD 2000 . These amounts can not be withdrawn till client has
accumulated at least 50 transactions with the total amount of lots traded to be not less than 50.

You haven't met this condition yet.

Kind Regards

Marie Voucheir
ForInvest Group

Please can someone translate this 10th rule it means that the prize money cannot be withdrawn not the profit.After three days the sent me an email request for the balance of the task.I sent them a mail requesting that they should take their money from my 7000 dollars profit which they refused and disabled my account.After that they replied back asking me for 100 dollars to open my account please can you imagine a poor and sacm broker.
Dear Mr. Okeke,
Thank you for your email.

We haven't receive The e $100.0 that you suggested in your emails
to be sent by today, in order to activate your account.
We will wait for the rest of the amount till Friday, as you suggested.

Waiting your confirmation for funding your account of $100.0 suggested
to be settled by today.

Kind Regards

Marie Vocheir
ForInvest Group

Do not invest your money in forinvest they are sacm.


wow...erm...that was some serious trading...
That said, was it 7000 dollars of account balance profit, or 7000 dollars of margin profit?
If you want to know why I ask, I'll be happy to answer.


So they want you to pay money to collect a prize. And, the prize can't be withdrawn until you've traded 50 lots.

I would think that any taxes on the "prize" wouldn't become due until you have access to the prize money. At that point, they could pull the taxes from your account.

Of course, any taxes would be owed to YOUR government. Unless you are in the same country as ForInvests (which seems to have no country), they shouldn't be trying to collect tax money.

Ever gotten an email saying you've won some sort of lottery you never heard of. Reply, and you'll find that you need to send in a bunch of money and fees to collect it. Once you pay one fee, then there will be more and more fees. You'll pay forever and never get a single dollar in prize money. It sounds like ForInvests has decided to try out this style of fraud.