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Discuss FortFS.com (Fort Financial Services) (Was TradeFort.ws, One Vector Group Inc.)

General discussions of a financial company
Bonus programme is one of the worse as compared to exness or other broker, even if they are offering 50% bonus never expect that you are going to get that bonus as once your DD is equal to the bonus amount they will withdraw the bonus and its of no use. so better deposit enough fund and do trading with tradefort , other issues are ok!!!
Tradefort is really a nice broker, i like it for three reasons:
- Good servers, learning materials and caring customer support.
- Leverage is supporting and profitable.
- I also like the no deposit bonus, they give you to test your trading skills and platforms.
This broker is ridiculous. They disable my account without any prior notice at all, the reason is "Hyperactivity" . I am using grid ea, and the same ea i'm using with 3 other brokers, none of the broker having a problem. Tradefort is having a very small server capacity, so instead of upgrade their server, they will disable any acc which is open many position. Anyway the grid ea i'm using not too extreme, it only open about 100-110 open position which is normal for a grid ea.
This is the worst broker is have been using in 5 years.
Everyone should be very carefull thinking about using this crappy stupid broker.
Tradefort clients and potential clients!
Please visit this Scam Alert thread for recent important developments:

Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164

None of the 4 complainants involved in these recent protestations against Tradefort have stepped up with any follow up information to demonstrate why further investigation of the firm is in order. If there are no public or private communications to FPA or me this week, I will notify the regulator of such and withdraw our pending inquiry.
Pay attention, tradefort,this is a spam,cheater,dishonest broker

I have deposit fund via LR,but now LR is shutdown.tradefort always reject withdraw, always looking for excuse to deliberately delay.other broker,exness,fxopen,nordfx etc,all allow client withdraw via other payment way.tradefort just shift his risk to the client,it does not follow the rules.

I've reached my limit,so i post this thread.all member,pay attention this spam cheater dishonest broker----tradefort,Away from the broker.this broker sooner or later will be out of the question,same as liberty reserve.

At the same time I warn tradefort,if you intend to go bankrupt,so it's my bad luck,I have nothing to say.if you plan continue to develop and you continue reject withdrawal,we some people will be fighting continues.if you allow withdraw ,so we could delete all this post.

the member of same misfortune as us,please join us.
I have been waiting about 5 years for a payout from Equitable Life when I lived in Europe. But I am not jumping up and down saying they are all dishonest cheaters. I mean that Tradefort announce the situation and instructions concerning LR - I think they can't be called spammers in this case


I´d like to share my friends experience with Tradefort. My friend told my he traded with Tradefort for several months and he had no problem. Then he wanted to withdraw his money from both of his accounts but the withdrowal wasn´t made and the money were sent back to his Tradefort accounts. Few days later my friend found out that the money were sent back and there were two trades that he couldn´t made becouse he deleted metatrader from vps when he wanted to withdraw the money. A few days later, was due to the large spread widening the margin call and closure of both positions. In my opinion this indicates some hacking into the system but Tradefort rejected this. Tradefort also reject any fault and my friend couldn´t make this mistake. Due to the problem my friend lost about 15 000 USD. I´d like to warn you that this can happen to you when you trade with Tradefort.
Dear Forex Peace Army forum users!

My name is Mark Miller and I'm an official representative of Fort Financial Services company.

I will be glad to answer any questions and help you with any concerns.

Let me introduce our services:


Fort Financial Services – is international licensed brokerage company, that combines the time-tested reliability and innovative trading technologies. We do everything for comfortable trading of both professionals and beginners.

Account types
-Flex newbie account;
-Ninja Trader;
-Binary Options.

Trading platforms
-FortFS MT4 Terminal;
-FortFS MultiTerminal;
-Web-platform MetaTrader FORT;
-Mobile MetaTrader 4 terminal (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile);
-One Click Trading;
-CQG Trader;
-CQG QTrader;
-Binary Options Web-platform
-VPS - Virtual Private Server.

Payment systems
-SorexPay (Visa / MasterCard);
-NETELLER Payment Network;
-Perfect Money;
-Bank Wire.

Fort Financial Services Ltd operates on the basis of the international brokerage license number IFSC/60/256/TS/13, issued by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize on 15 April 2013, which has been prolonged on 17 March 2015 under license number IFSC/60/256/TS/15.


Trademark "Fort Financial Services" owned by Fort Financial Services Ltd
Suite 5, Garden City Plaza,Mountain View Boulevard,Belmopan, Belize.

Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading

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