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Discuss FortFS.com (Fort Financial Services) (Was TradeFort.ws, One Vector Group Inc.)

General discussions of a financial company

Dear traders!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a promotional campaign "Welcome Bonus 15 USD".

From 2015/10/12 to 2015/10/23 the welcome bonus of 15 USD or the equivalent in EUR is available to all customers. The bonus is available to both new customers and those who are already working with Fort Financial Services.

If you are an existing customer and have previously received a welcome bonus of 5 USD, then during the term of the action you can take a new bonus 15 USD. You just need to click a button to get a bonus in the appropriate section of your Trader's Room. In case, your "old" welcome bonus 5 USD is still active, you can continue to work with it. Thus, some of you will be able to work simultaneously with two bonuses old and new. The trading turnover for bonuses will be calculated in series.


Dear Clients!

Our team understands that everyone is busy trading the welcome bonus.
However, it is now the time to announce the final results of the promo-action "Ride a Wave".

As it was promised, a draw was held with the help of the random number generation software and we are happy to announce the 5 winners who have doubled their reward amount received during the promo-action:

168744 (Malaysia)
167680 (Malaysia)
444903 (United Kingdom)
332926 (Russia)
244654 (Saudi Arabia)

The team of the international broker Fort Financial Services congratulates the winners and wishes all the participants of the Welcome Bonus promo-action to achieve an equal success.

We work for you!
S.T.A.R. Accounts Rating

Here we represent the current top-5 S.T.A.R. accounts


To see the full S.T.A.R. rating and detailed statistics for each manager, please log in to Trader's room.



Please pay your attention that Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) ends on the night of 24/25 October 2015 and European countries will adjust the clocks backwards. United States will also turn to winter time on the night of 1/2 of November 2015
Thus all the american instruments and Forex instruments will be available for trading at 23:00 of the terminal time on the night of 24/25 of October. So the trades closing on the mentioned instruments will take place an hour earlier according to the European time. Trading on american exchange instruments and FOREX currencies will revert to usual terminal time on the 1st of November.

Trading schedule change applies to the following exchanges:

as well as the Forex market and Spot.

We remind that terminal time corresponds to the Central European time zone + 1 hour (CET+1)

Please consider this information while planning your trading.

Fort Financial Services

Dear traders!

From 26.10.2015 until 27.11.2015 Fort FS starts the unique promo-action "Support Margin Bonus".

All company’s clients may take advantage of the "Support Margin Bonus" which will support your losses, by funding your trading account from 25 USD or the equivalent in another currency.

"Support Margin Bonus" from Fort FS is a bonus which remains on your account at any drawdown including situations when the bonus amount is larger than the amount of own funds; as a result, it offers real support in traders’ work, regardless of the trading results, increasing the financial possibilities on your account.

Rush to participate in this promo-action.

Terms of the promo-action “Support Margin Bonus” can be found here

Good luck in your trading.
Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading.

Dear clients and partners!

We would like to inform you that Fort Financial Services participates in Money Fair Shanghai Expo during 6-8 November 2015.

Money Fair Shanghai is a regular exclusive event that unites professionals of financial industry and gives the great opportunity to present new products to the clients.

We are happy to meet you at our booth in Shanghai!

Dear Clients!

We would like to remind you that, due to the celebration of the Thanksgiving Day in the USA, the US exchanges will be closed on Thursday the 26th of November. On Friday, the 27th of November, is planned an early closure of trades on the US exchanges.

As a result, we would like you to keep in mind the following information:
On Thursday, the 26th of November, the trading on futures contracts of the US exchanges will be closed (CME, GLOBEX, ICE), as well as the ETF contracts and CFD on the US shares (NYSE, NASDAQ).
On Friday, the 27th of November, early closure of trading:
20:15 – futures contracts of the US exchanges,
20:00 – ETF and CFD on teh US shares.

Please pay attention that during the indicated time period there is a possibility of low liquidity on the FOREX market and during trades on spot metals.
This schedule holds an informative purpose and may be changed without notice.

Due to the numerous traders' requests, the international broker Fort Financial Services, extends the promo action "Support Margin Bonus" until 07.01.2016.

We remind that you may find the terms and conditions of the promo action on the company's official website

Wishing all the participants to receive extra profit.
Good luck in your trading!


International licensed broker Fort Financial Services congratulates all traders with
the upcoming Christmas and announces the launch of the YEARLY promotion “CHRISTMAS FAIRY TALE”

Conditions of the promotion will be published 14/12/2015.
Follow the Company's news!

Fort Financial Services congratulates all traders with the upcoming Christmas and announces the launch of the YEARLY promotion “CHRISTMAS FAIRY TALE”.

The promotion is valid from 14/12/2015 until 29/01/2016. All trading accounts with the balance above 100 USD (or equivalent) take part in this unique event. No matter how long ago you deposited to your account the only thing that matters is the bonus that you will get on your trading account for every closed 10-th lot. You can withdraw your bonus or use it for the further trading on your account. The higher account balance you have at the moment of closing the trade the higher the amount of bonus you get.

Conditions of the “Christmas Fairy Tale” promo-action

Do not lose the chance, just keep on trading and receive your bonuses!