fortfs delete balance without reason

Dang Nguyen Hai

My name is Dang, My account 432009. I trade at many years. When I have many loss orders, I withdraw money normally. The near time, I win them much, and 04/01/2016, I have many win orders. So, they delete all my money( more than 1700$).
When I ask him, they say I abuse term of bonus,they can not show how I abuse, because I trade normally. I upload my statement for all to show I abuse or they abuse?
The matter is the honnour of traders. They not only take money from trader, but also they say trader abuse ( see here )
Who is abuse?
To The statement here. You must show for all members see how I abuse you, If you can not, please give me an apology and give back me my money. If you can, I will apology you.