FP Markets announces launch of multi-faceted online training tool, MT4 Trader Toolbox


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FP Markets announces launch of multi-faceted online training tool, MT4 Trader Toolbox

5th March 2019, Sydney Australia: FP Markets, a market-leading global CFD and Forex provider
with over fourteen years industry experience, announces the launch of MT4 Trader Toolbox, a suite
of twelve online trading tools which have been exclusively designed to further enhance clients’
trading experience by giving them the competitive edge as well as valuable insights into the markets.
The apps are available for clients using the MT4 trading platform.
Whether a novice or pro trader, MT4 Trader Toolbox offers users a wide range of applications to
take their trading to the next level. Topline features include applications such as Trader Toolbox
Connect which provides news feed and economic calendars within the trading platform meaning
clients can access market information on different time scales and make informed trading decisions.
Users can also improve their trading experience by taking advantage of the correlation between
markets and highlight the areas of low or high correlation to efficiently calculate the next trade with
the new Correlation Trader.​
To gain the insight needed to tackle the markets with MT4 Trader Toolbox, traders need to simply
open an account, fund $100 or equivalent cost and they will receive the MT4 Trader Toolbox
software, via email, gaining access to impressive trading features not typically found on other trading
platforms. Full instructions and easy to use videos can be found on the FP Markets website.
Craig Allison, Head of Europe, Middle-East & Africa at FP Markets commented, “At FP Markets, we
are always researching innovative tools to enhance our clients’ trading experience and help them get
the most out of our bespoke trading platforms. The launch of MT4 Trader Toolbox fulfils these
criteria as it is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use system which will appeal to the all-rounder trader,
novice or pro, and enable them to analyse the markets with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy.
We are delighted with the end-result and we look forward to developing more beneficial programs
for our customers across the world.”

Other key tools from MT4 Trader Toolbox:
Alarm Manager

Set up alerts and notifications with the MT4 Trader Toolbox Alarm Manager, carry automated
actions such as open and closing positions. Customise what action you want your alarm to trigger.

Correlation Matrix
Get invaluable market information on different time scales and make informed trading decisions.
Take advantage of the correlation between markets and highlight the areas of low or high
correlation to efficiently calculate your next trade with the Correlation Matrix.

Excel RTD

This trade monitoring, analysis and reporting tool inserts real-time account, ticket and price data
into Excel, without the need of programming. Interact with trading platforms and send trading
commands from VBA code in MT4 Trader Toolbox Excel RTD.

Market Manager
With the MT4 Trader Toolbox Market Manager, you can view recent price activity, place market and
pending orders, select symbols, and alter existing positions. Take full control over your account and
keep in the know of important market information.

Stealth Orders
Hide your pending orders from other market participants with the MT4 Trader Toolbox Stealth
Orders. Once an entry price is hit, this tool will buy or sell at market, as opposed to placing a stop or
limit order. Additionally, it provides stealth stop-losses and take-profits.

Tick Chart
The MT4 Trader Toolbox Tick Chart Trader is ideal if you want to enter and exit the market quickly
numerous times throughout your trading session.

Session Map
The MT4 Trader Toolbox Session Map gives you a quick overview of the market and your account.
Take advantage of a map of the main world markets, an economic calendar, and information on key
market changes.

Trade Terminal
Providing a number of trading features which you will not typically find in trading platforms, the MT4
Trader Toolbox Trade Terminal displays a list of all open positions and pending orders, an overview
of current account metrics, automatically apply rules for scaling out positions, and position analysis.

Mini Terminal
Serving as an extension of the Trade Terminal, the MT4 Trader Toolbox Mini Terminal allows you to
concentrate of a specific market with specific trading charts.

Sentiment Trader
The MT4 Trader Toolbox Sentiment Trader provides an easy to read market sentiment about current
and historic long/short sentiment.

FP Markets is an Australian ASIC regulated global CFD and Forex provider with more than 14 years of industry experience. The company’s vision has always been to deliver the ultimate trading destination
for clients by combining the best technology, product range, pricing and client services available to those wanting to trade the markets. The convenience of being able to trade CFDs from the one account across an
extensive range of equities, indices, commodities, Forex, futures and cryptocurrencies is why so many market participants are opting to trade with FP Markets. FP Markets prides itself on its deep understanding of what traders are looking for. Clients can even choose to trade on-the-go from their mobile devices across
several online platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebTrader and IRESS. With superior pricing, execution speed, platforms, product range, client support and market analysis, FP Markets’ clients possess all the confidence that they need to truly trust the services of their chosen broker. The company’s outstanding 24/5 multilingual service has been recognised by Investment Trends as home to some of the most content clients in the industry, having been awarded ‘The Highest Overall Client Satisfaction Award,’ 5 years running.
· Find out more at: www.fpmarkets.com
· Find out more about MT4 Trader Toolbox at https://www.fpmarkets.com/forex-mt4-trader-tools/