FPA Exclusive - 40% Discount on Magic Champ II Pro

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As usual, if it seems to go'od to be true, it probably is. Not sure what to do. I haven't received it yet but will have to think about it. Can you use any broker and MT 4?


To fbibusiness and asaxon

We are using Magic Champ on our Live account: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/watanabe_forex/watanabe_project_magic_champ_ii_pro/real and so far it's profitable. Of course, always remember that past performance does not guarantee the future results, use your common sense and strict money management.

Thank you htching - using Demo account is always a good idea.
Fine, but Myfxbook goes back three years; your live account is only six months. Plus even during the last 6 months the equity curve in your live account is a bit dicey. Anyway, the 3 year curve clearly shows a system that was quite profitable for a while but has been stumbling along for the past 18 months.


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MC-II equity curve

Hi guys,

Alex here from ForexInnovation.

I would like to give some insight to the equity curve issue here.

Its true that the equity curve of the long term account does not show continuous growth in the last months - but there are some important factors to keep in mind:

1. This long term account runs on the broker we initially started the MC-II with - FxPro - there are in the meantime clearly better brokers with which the MC-II works much better than with the dealing desk broker.
We do extensive tests and spread logging / tick count with different brokers - see here, and FxPro is definetivly not the prefered choice anymore. However we do not want to loose the track record, that is why the MC-II still runs there und we show it officially. We have nothing to hide!

2. The situation in the markets for EURUSD and GBPUSD have not really been optimal for trading systems which are based on technical indicators in the last month - the Euro crisis has brought up many erratic price movements which we have never seen before in this number and magnitude. From that viewpoint the MC-II actually has done pretty well, even with FxPro.

3. We have many customers who are trading the MC-II successfully - one of them is the Wantanabe project at FPA. The forex markets are just to diverse in order to get a full picture by just looking at one equity curve with one broker. Every broker has different data feeds, different spreads, and even with the same broker customers will experience deviations in the the pricing. This will always have effects on the running trading systems - positiv or negative. But all in all the number of positive track records for the MC-II is much higher than the ones with negative ones based on the feedback we get for the MC-II.

Anyway, our aim is to deliver good products which produces good results for the customer. We do it because we ourselves use the same products for our own equity growth! Its our passion to develop fully automated trading systems that work!

And in order to secure the further growth for Magic-Champ II, independent of the applied broker (however we always suggest to take a broker with reasonable spreads of (e.g. < 1.5 points at EURUSD) we are taking the MC-II a step further by preparing another great update.
This will be released in due time and is of course FREE for all existing customers.

The main changes are not in the entries, because they are still pretty good - and we did not change them in the 3 years!!!
The core we are working on, which will be the change, is exactly the position management. In the current version it is still rather inflexible and fixed, and this was one of the key problems during the high volatility and erratic price action, that the stops were blown out and the take profits to inflexible and taken too soon.
With the update we are changing this into a much better and flexible system, i.e. dynamic TPs, catching bigger moves than before, etc.

So all in all, we are still confident that the MC-II has not reached its endtime yet, the statistics look good and still validate the trading of the MC-II. And with the update, which will be free to all customers, it will get even better.

I can only advise you to not draw conclusions by looking at one or two equity curves. To really get a good assessment of a system you should dig deeper, look at the trades, the statistics.

If you have any further questions or comments you can also contact me directly under:

Mail: klingelhoefer@metatrader-experts.de
Phone: +49 (0) 40 / 22 85 32 46
Skype: service.forexinnovation.de

Jim Ballou

I would like to comment on MC-II Pro. Had to completely rebuild my computer after one of the nice Microsoft products allowed a nasty into my system and it tried to brute force some sites. Anyway after the rebuild and re-installation of the MC-II software it developed problems and would not load properly. I attemted to un-install and then reinstall the software...it didn't work. I contacted the helpdesk and they tried to work the problem, but it was the weekend and had to wait for the developers to show up for work. Long story short they were able to help me get it all back online. Great customer service!! System has been working great and while I am not quitting my day job the returns are slowly, increasing my account (that is my choice).

Just wanted to say they stand by their product.
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