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If you've even thought about trading forex, you've probably seen at least some of the ads for Expert Advisors. Buy an automated forex robot and spend the rest of your life relaxing while the trade bot makes trillions of dollars for you once you get it running on your broker's MetaTrader 4 platform. Maybe you even bought one to try. If your EA already made the first million for you, you probably won't be reading this.

The reality is that an EA follows a set of rules. Unlike a human, it doesn't get distracted and miss a trade. It doesn't change the position size based on how lucky it feels today. The problem is that it also keeps trading even if some huge and unexpected financial news comes out. It keeps using the same logic it was programmed with even if the market starts to react in new ways.

Since I'm in charge of the Review Moderation Team, I've seen a lot of reviews for some terrible EAs. I've also been very curious about some EAs that get mixed or even positive reviews. After long discussions with the Administrator and the programmers, it was decided that the FPA will now start a beta test of a new performance testing program for a few EAs.

How this works...

1. All EAs will only use default settings at this time. Many EAs allow users to adjust their settings. Later on there will be some comparison tests, but for now it will be default settings only.

2. At this time, all EAs will only be tested on demo accounts. True performance can only be judged by live testing, but no one should ever risk real money on an EA without giving it a demo test first. Later, any of the expert advisors that show significant profit potential will be tested on small live accounts. This will allow comparisons of live test results vs. demo test results.

3. Currently, all demo tests are using Aplari (US) as the MT4 broker. Once the programmers finish debugging things a little more, there will also be some inter-broker performance comparisons.

4. Only 5 EAs are currently being tested. I hope to see this expanded to many more in the near future.

5. EAs that are tested are now marked with a “Performance Tested” label in the FPA's reviews. For products with performance tests, there is a link to the tests in the upper-right corner of that product's review page.

6. The Performance Test pages update automatically every 15 minutes, so you can follow each EA's progress closely if you want to.

The current tests have only been going on for 1 or 2 weeks, so don't make any decisions to buy or not buy yet. Each test page has comments by our resident bot wrangler about ease of setup and any other issues.

And the EAs being currently being tested are (in alphabetical order)...

FAP Turbo
FAPTurbo Reviews
FAPTurbo Performance Test

Forex Auto Scalper
Forex-Auto-Scalper Reviews
Forex-Auto-Scalper Performance Test

Forex Robot Trader/Steinitz HAS MTF
ForexRobotTrader/Steinitz HAS MTF Reviews
ForexRobotTrader/Steinitz HAS MTF Performance Test

Forex Smart Robot/Aussie Investa
ForexSmartRobot/Aussie Investa Reviews
ForexSmartRobot/Aussie Investa Performance Test

The Forex Maestro
TheForexMaestro Reviews
TheForexMaestro Performance Test

Now I need some input from you. Which Expert Advisors would you most like to see tested? I need some help selecting the next 5 or 10 EAs.



I would like to see tests on following EA's:

Forex Funnel
Forex Boomerang

Thank you

Great work you guys are doing!

Hawaiian Punch

EA testing

How about a test on Forex Fantasy, I understand that it does adjust for market changes, and current global events.


Expert Advisors


Here's one to test.....Forex Profit Accelerator. Thank you for all you do!



EA's I'd like you to test.

I'd like you to test Piptronic 1.0 and it's newer versions, Piptronic 2.0, Piptronic X and Piptronic 2.0 Beta. All four run on EURGBP M15. I purchased this group and have had mixed results.
Here's the URL:
Piptronic -A Forex Expert Advisor That Will Change Everything.

Here's the order page for all the versions:
Piptronic - Secure Order Page

His email support is non-existent after you purchase. I never received an email from him saying Piptronic 2.0 was available. He also never responded to an email asking for optimal settings.

An EA that I like and have had good results with along with good support is MatrixNN v4.0:
Matrix Neural Network Expert Advisor for Meta Trader // FOREX automated trading

I also purchased Forex Hitter from Forex Hitter | Autopilot Software | Automated Signals | Online Trading | Robot System and it's been ok. The glitzy web page is kind of a turn-off. Support is good.

I'm looking forward to seeing your results of the EA's you are testing at the present time and in the future.
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testing EA's

i agree that forex fantasy shud b on the list. they DO claim to b adaptive. i think it is a GREAT idea that u r doin this.
and there is the AUTOMATIC FOREX CRUSHER: Forex Crusher

and, DEE, i dont think that is an EA.


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