FPA Member Goes Crazy - DISMISSED Case# 2018-111 | tsathya vs www.icmarkets.com/en/

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Dishonorably Discharged Scoundrel
Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against: www.icmarkets.com/en/

My Case is: This is thiagarajah sathienthira from chennai we had good experience in customer support by contacting ,quick response with IC market , but there leverage is not always working correct time , if need i can prove it , we already told that and asked refund of our loss amount 597 $ they did not refund ,then again my account made a auto lost of 716.84$ , it happened because of them ,if they refunded my mention amount corect time ,my account must have saved, so our kind request is refund 707.52+597.4= 1304 $ as soon as possible to MY live account number is 1200033497 ,ICMarkets-Live12 ,ind request is refund 707.52+597.4= 1304 $ as soon as possible to MY live account number is 1200033497 ,ICMarkets-Live12 as well as give me amount of10000$ as a compensation why because of physical & psychological agony
not only that 2nd there fast is high when hitting stop-loss but very very slow when making profit even past the buy trade or selling rate this is very unfair to traders many peoples wrote here same reviews ,3rd they are charging money two times one when we trade is a big amount ,it is ok they need , but then swapping from our trading profits many times 4th they not allowing small lots like ,this very very unfair to all traders those who do with small capital all traders are allowing wti to buy even 0.01 IC market does not ,they have to make compatible to traders rather than make trouble , this also illegal, indirect method of taking money from traders ,happy with small lots
by filing this case in FPA ,we request to FPA to sugesst IC market to do the following to us

(1) refund 707.52+597.4= 1304 $ as soon as possible to MY live account number is 1200033497 ,ICMarkets-Live12 as well as give me amount of 10000$ as a compensation why because of physical & psychological agony and waste of time and energy ,if i worked with other i could have earn time is very important
(2) have to allow us to trade even small lot from 0.01 to all trades as others allowing

(3) avoid take money two time and much money as commit ion ,say example when i was put sell trade gas ,it take around 45 $ as commit ion but eventrade get down than the brought price it not saw profit to make profit late but to hit stop loss very fast as other traders saying ,then again swap ,so please stop taking money two time and big amount for even small trades ,when i asked IC market replis that not our fault ,we paid money only to IC market ,then we have full right to ask IC market ,you cant paas ball to others as you said even your provider error you only have to short out not by us

here attached screen shots for evidence (1) Even enough money in account trade disabled, leverage not working
(2) already inform and ask to allow us to trade small level they not allowed
(3) after loss occur when we asked refund 14.07 .2018, not refund very late reply 17.07.2018 untilil my another auto cut happened
(4) sweep money for some trades even already took big money even small trades

thanking you all

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Review is submitted by tsathya on 07/16/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 07/13/18 the last contact was on 07/22/18

Details: they said unable to refund ,

Company representatives' emails: Support Team <support@icmarkets.com>



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Brokers often do change leverage a few days before events which could cause major market volatility. Nearly all brokers implemented this policy after the SNB-CHF Black Swan event caused a number of brokers to go bankrupt.
Dear FPA ,as all saying ' Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied '
really true ,as do the needful as soon as possible ,i am the one who file case to the account which trade by me ,i did not satisfied with solution ,even i did not get any money
here i wanted explain by two trade as we said they hit fast stop loss ,and late profit not only that but also ,much different loss and profit with same volume lots
i here prove
(1) Trade number 7568427 volume lot size 0.05 instrument xauusd brought 1258.24 and sold out 1255.63 so different is 1258.24 -1255.63= 2.61 ,but got profit 17.68 Loss /lot is = ( 17.68/2.61 ) * 2 = 13.547 loss almost 13.5
(attached here by file name trade disable)
(2) Trade number 6918584 volume lot size 0.1 instrument xauusd brought 1258.31 sold out rate 1257.00 different is 1.31 , profit 17.57 they swap 2.49 ,why this ( attached file by name take profit)
so profit / lot = 17.57 /1.31 = , 13.4122 almost 13.4
just for 0.05 volume 0.1 $ then if its 1 how much 2$ ,if its volume 25 then 50 $ ,who give us ??????
so its correct
FPA my kind request go the next step of our case and let me know the next step too
thanking you best regards with
Sathienthira .T


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Traders Court is specifically for forex pairs. Disputes over gold trades do not qualify. I suggest taking this to ASIC.
Ok thaking you .but we trade curency pairs to many this related like this .i can attached any other relevent document related our trading with curency.filed case here more than two week just now only u saying this like Ic market.this is seems you are bit favour to ic market not only acis i can file many plsce in Australia

how many of you guys have had a TP being hit... and it resulted in a negative balance ? and then of course liquidity provider pop up as the bro
This posted by fpa not myself my above issue related with as they asked tp issue
But when u put this not mention about like now u say we not deal with gold tp issue will come all including gold. If u wish to post u have to mention that tp issue but not handle gold .you are traders court hope you know this small things.not only that but also we did many curency paires which faced this tp isuue i will attached later i am in travaling now thanks
Be frank do u have any problem that i informed ASIC which case was going on here. I can hide but i am always frank.
I thought you already informed ASIC. I think that may be the best way to get a final answer to your issue.

Can you please provide any evidence of specific issues with forex pairs related to your complaint.
I trust fpa .Yes i can .as gold happen in my curency to at happened at the moment i am in another state my laptops not with me so give time as soon as possible will update with you
But if u dont mind can you please consider that example relating tp issue
Stop sending emails asking for FPA updates on this case and sending screenshots. All evidence for the case must be posted in the case thread by the person who filed the case. Post any evidence of issues with currency pair trade issues here in this thread.

I've already waited over a week. I need to see the evidence within 48 hours or this case will be dismissed.
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