FPA's Forex Tactical Squad - Welcome

Peter O

Special Consultant to the FPA
Hello Fellow Traders,

I've been compiling daily trading signals for a while for you and it just came into my mind that I'd like to share with you something else also. Actually I've spent some time with programming and I succeeded in making several tools for MT4 so I publish some of those for downloading and using for free.

Probably using such tools doesn't fit for everybody's trading habits but I believe there are some enthusiasts out there who are not only willing to try them but eventually they write feedback and even they take a look into the source code to make them more useful. This is why I decided to give out these tools with full source code to help you to get closer to trade automation and platform structure and logic - and to make more money of course.

That means any feedback and improvement idea is very welcome, moreover, code review is even encouraged. It's even more encouraged to share your own codes here. Nevertheless, this forum isn't meant to be a developers area. I just want to provide a neat starting kit for traders (initially who use MT4) in order to show the power of platform tweaks and customization.

Because of this forum is not a developers area I'd like to publish only tested and full (even if tiny) solutions instead of circulating code snippets and discussing why this and that code line doesn't work on this and that system. So whenever you feel that others could benefit from some of your codes and you gladly share it here, make sure that the code is free to download and to use without limitations (i.e. not copyrighted or you authorize sharing as copyright owner). After you've sent it to me together with a short description (PM me) I test and publish it here in our code library aka FPA Toolkit, with referencing you as source of course.

And finally because there is no neat club without neat name I will call us enthusiasts as FPA's Forex Tactical Squad, so whenever I have updates for you I will reference the subject under this title.

Looking forward to experimenting together,


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