FPMarkets.com (and .com.au) (First Prudential Markets)


Does anyone have any experience with fpmarkets.com.au? on the Forex side?
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You are not call me even no replay me no any email i send several email to you even my mobile number is on no any call no any response here my account number 943009 you are only replay me here no any email no any call

Feb 20, 2020 - 1 Star My Account Number 943009 i have 9089.67USD 1 years passed they locked my account now i m not able to go in withdrawal section and no withdrawal Approved I recommend you please stay away do not work with fpmarket. i send several emails but they are not replay me please stay away they are Scammer

Aug 12, 2019 - 1 Star Hi This is update about my pervious Coment which i done on 12 august FP approved the withdrawal of my 15000USD in card But they are not approving my profit withdrawal I m Thinking now that this broker only needed client who lossed there money i have 9089USD profit in my Account but I M not Able to take withdrawal Very Bad Stay Away from These Guys do not trust on it i swear they will Scam with U Thank you Account number 943009 1 thing more i send all the calrification which they needed But I m Sure that they do not want to pay profit to client thank you

Jul 29, 2019 - 1 Star I just Deposit 15000USD from My Card But When I Want to Withdrawal my Money they do not Approved the withdrawal and still its pending from 7 days here my account number 939032 and they do response me i Already Too much Worried please do not trust on this broker.

Thank You

Reply by FP_Markets submitted Aug 12, 2019 Hi Simon,

Please be advised that our accounts team have already refunded all deposited funds back to their original source.

Please reach out to our accounts team (accounts@fpmartkets.com) should you require further assistance with anything.

Kind regards,
FP Markets Team

Reply by FP_Markets submitted Feb 25, 2020 Dear Client,

As a fully regulated broker, we wouldn't engage in such practices.

We were unable to process the withdrawal due to a lack of cooperation from your side as we did not receive any reply to our emails since July.

We also tried to reach you via phone numerous times (including today).

Please get back to us with the information we requested at compliance@fpmarkets.com and we will be more than happy to give you a call and clarify any issues.

Kind regards,

FP Markets Team

l using fp market now... l have worry for it..

yosi benn

FP Markets stole all my money.
They played with the vps they gave me - delete robots from the graphs !!
Change their settings!
Change their server speed to the slowest speed!
And all from the moment I started making money.
And all the time they lied that they do not have access to vps.
Now without prior notice because of my complaints they blocked my access to vps and stole all my robots that were there! Some of the robots - I have no backup!
Ignore my emails.

People, Be careful, from these crooks !!


FPMarkets Multi and Spammer
I trade using FP Market MT4 raw spreads account (ECN), and from what I've seen, their Trading conditions are good and they have some of the lowest spreads with fast execution.

No issues like spread widening or freezing even when the markets have been volatile.


:mad:this broker is the worst, what you see in the demo account is different fromREAL, on lREAL chart there missing major commodities GOLD and major forex pairs EUR-JPY, I COULD NOT deposit to my account because the forex trading is not active, only the indices open for trade, save your moneyso avoid this rubbish broker