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Free Forex Mentorship Program

Discussion in 'Forex Trading Systems and Strategies' started by FXMB, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. FXMB

    FXMB Recruit

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    Here’s a question: Are you not succeeding as a trader?

    Sorry to be so blunt, but chances are that you are failing, and there’s a multitude of reasons why that may be the case.

    But the one reason that ties the majority of failing traders together is this: They don’t believe the truth.

    Most people would rather blindly accept the lies from fake Forex Gurus and magical robot sellers than listen to the truth offered by real Forex traders. Although it’s nice to accept “Forex is easy – no experience needed – just buy my robot!” from those guys, while ignoring “Forex requires hard work and dedication” from the true Forex traders, that attitude will unfortunately get you nowhere.

    There are many people who have been trying to find the easy solution to Forex (*cough*robots*cough*), being in search for several months to years with no avail – a lot of those people may be on this very forum. In fact, if most traders just used the time wasted (yes, wasted. Since you’ve gained absolutely nothing) testing junk robots/systems to instead actually learn how to trade, they may already be making money.

    Although it can be very difficult to find some truth in this Forex industry that’s littered with lies, the fact is that most people aren’t even bothering to find out what’s right and what’s wrong.

    This website will help you understand the truths about Forex trading and what’s required to become a full time trader.




    So if you are the type of trader who gets excited over fancy graphics and every new hyped up trading system/robot that pops up, then this is not the site for you – I really can’t help you yet.

    This is because even after reading this, I know that some people will go “Hahaha! F$@# you. Just because you haven’t found a robot, it doesn’t mean that I won’t! I’ll be looking real hard and I’ll find it soon!!! Then I’ll be laughing at you while I make millions in my sleep!”

    In the end, I know that those people will eventually give up on Forex trading or align their thoughts with mine.

    But if you are the type of trader who is beginning to seriously question all of the absolute BS that those “Gurus” spew up on a daily basis, then this website will help your Forex career tremendously. You will learn to ignore every new hyped up Forex product that comes out, while learning the skills necessary to become a full time trader. This is free information that you must know.

    Also, if you find this site (or my Twitter feed) useful, then please spread the word. I think that every new trader should have a chance to see the real side of things for a change. And whether they choose to believe it or not is completely up to them.

    Note that I’m not a website designer. I just picked up HTML a few months ago, so my website will look a bit shabby compared to all of those get rich quick sites. I don’t know how to make graphics of DVD’s nor do I know how to make fancy videos – I don’t really care either. But hey, who made the law that a professional Forex trader needs to know how to build a professional website?


    IMPORTANT NOTE: I was originally charging $199/month for this mentorship program because I figured that would be the best way to filter out the serious traders.

    But I think that people too quickly associates anything that costs money as a scam, which also defeats the whole purpose of my website.

    I didn't make this website to scare off a bunch of people. Rather, I made the site to spread the truth out to as many traders as possible.

    So if you are interested in joining my mentorship program (it's free), then please check it out here.

    First live trading session will start May 2nd/3rd if you get into my group.


    P.S. Lots more detail on the website
  2. knightal

    knightal Private, 1st Class

    Mar 13, 2010
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    bit confussed

    Hey Jim I'm a bit confussed here is your program free for the first 50 and if any drop out free to the next in line, or do we pay $199 per month.
    Or is this what used to be and now you are offering your mentorship free?

    Sorry to sound off but in todays world it does sound a too good to be true


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