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Info Funded account challenge?

Asking questions about a company


Hey everyone, not wanting to spam or suggest anything, I wanted to ask if any of you has taken the so-called Funded Account Challenge some brokers offer?

Is it a scam or it's actually a good deal?

Not a scam but very hard to pass and then keep the account as the rules are very strict. If you can though, the established prop firms like FTMO will pay out but it's not something for the long term in my opinion
I saw this article and figured it could be a good way to try a new strategy?

If i understand correctly, once you deposit and pass the challenge, you get your money back and trade with the broker’s money so there’s absolutely no risk. Anything i’m missing?
Looks quite enticing though I'd imagine there's a few T&Cs that have several requirements to be meet before you withdraw any earnings so tread carefully