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Ditto Trade is a multi asset broker with principals Michael Berman, Vladimir Krouglov and Lance Rosenberg seasoned capital allocators.

We have 2 options for traders who have talent and self belief.
  1. Our Pro Trader program will allocate $100,000+ instantly to those who qualify
  2. Our Capital Accelerator The Hub will allocate up to 10x what the trader deposits subject to the rules in the pic below.
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I have decided to use this platform to learn exactly what the community wants when it comes to a capital incubation program.

Having run an incubation platform and program for 10yrs I know what works well for me and my partners. One of the questions we got over and over again was can a demo account be used to qualify. I always rejected this because I believe fundamentally in the concept of "skin in the game". With it comes sharpened senses and an intense learning that just doesn't happen without risking something of value.

Over my decade in the allocation game I realise many talented people simply don't have spare cash to risk and trade in a real account. The idea I want to propose and explore is whether people think there is interest in a capital allocation program that allocates capital to qualifiers after a 6 month demo qualifier.

I am against short term rewards for something that has no skin in the game, for me I am prepared to attribute value to a track record of a number months to help give people who are serious, committed and talented an opportunity for a leg up if they don't have the risk capital. There would be no charges, only that the track record be built on a Ditto demo account.

If this resonates with the people on this thread I will write up more details of the money involved and other terms and conditions.