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General discussions of a financial company
Missleading information!

I was seeing this ad on youtube, so i asked them some question after visitting their site. Everything is logged as we also spoke front and back on mail. I was asking simple questions bcz they offered 50% split. What i understood was that if you start with a 30k account witch is the highest, you would need to make 10% to get 50% more so next account would be 45k and so on up to 1 million. Minimum withdraws is 10% So even tho you had a million your minimum withdraw would still be 100k. When it comes to spread i asked how much spread is there, he reply 0.6 pips on Brent / Oil Note that. So i asked ok so i i buy 1 lot i only pay 6$? That is correct sir, but for you to buy 1 lot on oil you need to purcase the 30k account as 2k$ = 0.10 so 30k would get a maximum of 1.5 lot. Then i was thrilled bcz if i earn 3k i recive 1.5k and i get 50% more on so acctually im getting 100% untill i reach a million from then on the split would be 50/50 so that was fine for me. Very exciting deal. BUT after i made my payment for 577 pound witch cost me 595 bcz of exstra fees i recived a new mail saying: You can max buy 0.15 lot and you have to place a stop loss within 30 min or you out. i was like that was no part of the plan in the mail you guys told me 1.5 lot on the crudeoil. So i told them its fine you guys did this mistake so if you guys are doupting lets make my max drawdown to 5% instead of 10% This means i could max loose 1500$ But i had paid 700$ from my own pocket anyway so. Then when im getting my loggin details and so on i see there were 6 point spread but 3 points on the chart, so i asked again i see 6 points that means 1 lot would cost me 60$ They reply no its only 6$ so i placed my orders and notice i paid 60$ per lot including 6$ in comission so in total 66$ for 1 lot. Now i told them i want to cancel my subscription and get my money back, then they say we told you it was 6$ comission. Then i show them the emails about 0.6 pip on Brent / the Oil i also asked a 2nd time after seeing the 6 point spread but still 6$. I did make some profits and paid alot of spread as i ordered 2.5 lot in total that cost me 165$ in total. i told them to keep the little i earned as well but give me back my money Missleading information its a lie. I want out!!!! I cant put Scam here as this is very new and they havent reply to me yet but still i havent recived my money yet.