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Discuss Fx-EMIT.com (CloveriX-EA, Fx-Mafix)

General discussions of a financial company
so no one has experienced this EA ? it seems to be running ok isn't it ?
I don't see any stop loss or take profit, when the EA is gonna close the opened positions ?
This is an interesting tidbit from fpa's testings. Here you have THE #1 EA in terms of both pips/week & %-gain/week with a live test abruptly terminated after 6 weeks. Why?? Well, the short answer is the fx-mafix team terminated it. The somewhat longer answer is that this ea works just fine so long as eur/chf trades with some volatility but in a wide range. If you chart eur/chf on the daily, you can see a nice trading range going back to late-feb or early-march and on the very day fx-mafix stopped the test, eur/chf was spiking lower to test the bottom of that range. Coincidence? I think not. While fx-mafix would have continued doing fine if they'd left it alone, they didn't know that at the time & it may have been about to spike 100's of pips lower producing margin calls for anybody continuing to run fx-mafix. They also stopped selling the product on their site. I think these actions reveal an EA author who is highly ethical about not wanting folks to get hurt by their EA. It also provides a pretty strong hint about the conditions where you'd want to just let fx-mafix run versus pulling the plug & getting out.

I've just started using it on a live account & while it is a martingale in some sense, it also attempts to limit account drawdown by an active hedging strategy. While it is martingale, it's not a directional ea at all & benefits from directionless volatility. In backtests it seems to do what it was designed for extremely well.

However, for those using it, I would strongly also encourage pulling up a daily chart of EUR/CHF, and putting horizontal lines on it demarking the trading range. It should do fine in that range, but if it breaks either higher or lower, you'd be well-advised to exert a little control over the ea & pull the plug. That's what I'm doing, in any case.

>I don't see any stop loss or take profit, when the EA is gonna close the opened positions ?<

Your post was from long ago & I don't know if you still want an answer, but here it is. There is a $ parameter in fx-mafix which you set to tell it when to take profits. FX-MAFIX will then open a WHOLE BUNCH of hedged buys & offsetting sells. When one group of trades (either all buys or all sells) totals to a gain more than the number of $s you input, the system will then close all of those trades, leaving the ones going the opposite direction open.

So that parameter is a problematic one to set. Set it too low & you'll be impeding the system's ability to hedge you against loss, but on the other hand your margin outlay will be smaller. Set it too high & you'll simply accumulate a vast number of offsetting hedged positions eating up more & more margin until you get a margin call, though it will likely take a while.

Pick your poison!
Different results on 4xProject

It is quite intriguing to see different results on Cloverix performance tested on 4xProject site, compared to here. Part of the time period coincides in both cases. Who is right?
dodgy demo?

Thinking of buying the cloverix, but looking at the monitored demo statement,I have 2nd thoughts. Up to the 25th feb the stake had steadily increased up to 72.00, then, supposedly no trades for a week and a half, and the stake had mysteriousy dropped down to 21.90.
As this is a demo account,and therefore no withdrawals can be made, and up until the 20th it would seem that a steady % of equity stake had been used, it leaves me wondering...
Why have they changed the percentage of stake on a demo account,
or, are there some missing large losses between 25th feb and 11th march, and, without actually adding up all the shown trades to check the balance, something doesn't add up!
Demo versus Live account

According to my experience with many purchased or self build EA's the demo account looks usually very good (otherwise you would not use it).

As soon as you change to live it is a complete different story. There are many factors playing a role, like spread, commissions, liquidity, Internet speed, etc.

It is a good idea to make comparable tests here on Forex Peace Army, but unfortunately they are useless.
Only live accounts with different brokers can tell the truth.
Unfortunately I don't think that Forex Peace Army is going to test live accounts. ;)

I still run one EA on two live accounts (different brokers) but also all other users are not very happy with the results, although it is one of the best available.

Actually I don't believe anymore in EA's.

Best Antomi
Cloverix settings?

Hello FPA and other users of Cloverix,

What are the settings for the demo posted on FPA?

And how do you get more than 3 months on a demo?


Hello FPA and other users of Cloverix,

What are the settings for the demo posted on FPA?

And how do you get more than 3 months on a demo?



I do think some of the Broker's MT4 DEMO does offer quite lengthy backtest data, but FXCM UK is not one of them.
I have CloveriX running on ICM Demoaccount. It produces less trades than FX-EMIT test.
I have also used CloveriX on live account for two weeks now on FX Open. This one produces less trades than ICM. Looks like CloveriX is optimized for ICM :confused: