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Attn: Operation Manager.

My name is Erlend Hammer . My account number is 99873. First I had a 7000 account with Vivienne Kane. I chose to have a managed account and gave her the password to the account so she could trade on my behalf. First she did fine but then she blew the account in two days. I complained about this to my former account manager Andre Golfstream. He then contacted mr Patrick(I do not know his first name). I was told he was the head of the company and main analyst. On April the 27 I started working with his assistant David Brown and Mr Patrick. Mr Patrick was doing great until Friday May 20, trading the account up from 26000 to 39000$. On Sunday may 22 I closed both positions on eur/usd and made a withdrawal request. On Monday 23 of May I told them about , but they told me "it was not possible ", and Andre Golfstream told me it was not possible to make the withdrawal because mr Patrick signed all the withdrawal requests himself and we had made an agreement to cooperate until Wednesday 25 of May . I had changed the password . I decided to trust them and gave them the new password. They told me repeatedly that I had insurance of 30k on the account in case of losses. I had put in 35000$ in total at that point . I got an email confirmation from Anna Romanov. They told me she was an assistant. From April 27 to May 20 mr Patrick had made about 5 trades, taking the account up to 39k. But on Monday May 23 he put on 70 trades, of which 66 trades were losing trades, and brought the account down to zero in one day. It is obvious to me that the intentionally wanted to destroy the account . I never expected this and was crying lot afterwards. I feel seriously mistreated by this company, and will ask for a full compensation of all my investments.

Best regards, Erlend Hammer


Lt. Colonel
Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat