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Hello traders!

I am FX Protector and i would like to share my performance each day. I am scalping only eur/usd. Recently i have developed my own system and i would like to show you the power of it.

About my trading :

- Technical & fundamental
- 100% manual trading
- Focusing on quality not quantity
- Extreamly high accurate scalping strategy
- 0 - 5 trades per day
- Basket trading is possible
- There are also days without trades ( NO SETUP -> NO ENTRY)
- No martingele, No high frequency trading

Goal :

-Quality scalping trades with 5 - 10 pips per trade
-Monthly goal : around 10%
-Minimum balance is 100$ -> 0.01 per trade
-Max historic drawdown : 6.26%
-Maximum possible drawdown : 15% (protected by EA, 100% protect)

Vision :

My vision is to offer long term quality trading. I am also looking for bigger investors, hedge funds, prop firms....etc.
Feel free to contact me!

+0.44% gain today!

Wish you all happy pips!
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FX Protector

Ok so i am done for this week, what a great week!

About market : EUR is strong bullish so be careful with short trades. Also daily trend is broken for quiet long time now. So watch out.
+ 2.83 gain and all scalping positions are closed.

FX Protector proof15,5,2015.png

FX Protector

Forex trading blog by FX Protector – THE NEW BEGINNING

Forex trading blog by FX Protector has been recently created with reason to engage and share my journey to the world, to retail forex traders and investors as well. As you might know trading forex is a very lonely business and i decided to change that. My goals are to develop a nice trading environment, to create strong trading community, meet new friends, surround with positive people and share quality articles, tips, videos, useful trading resources, technical analysis forecasts and much more about trading overall. The main interests of this trading blog/group are :

  • Honesty and sincerity
  • Positive and friendly relationship
  • Help to each other (especially in rough times)
  • Personal and professional growth to everyone

FX Protector logo

Am i professional full time forex trader?
No! I am still at the very beginning of this journey and I admit that, but i think we can go through that together, more easily. I am not yet forex manager nor full time trader and i am only moving back to live trading account in 2016 after 4 months of break. In that 4 months i was trying to figure out what kind of trading system i would like to trade and i have made my second forex day trading system. It is a trend following system. Otherwise…

More about
As you might remember, i created my first forex trading scalping system in the beginning of 2015, which i will share or most likely sell at some point. Trading system is still very profitable.but it has no stop loss so it is not suitable for serious capital management. Now you are probably asking yourself, »why did you stop trading with that system then«? The answer is because i don’t like the feeling of not being protected and i aim to stay in that business for the rest of my life. Also, my name FX Protector or Protector FX has been created with vision to really protect money not to lose it. That trading system simply does not fit to my personally and this is the reason why i needed 4 months to actually figure out, what i want to trade with. Overall the most important thing in life is to feel good at what you are doing. If i don’t like to execute some trading system over and over again, i will simply not trade it. Knowing what you seriously want in life can be really helpful. Picking best forex trading strategy or system is extremely crucial. Don’t look for how to become rich quick with trading, because that does not exist!

I have set my three main business goals for 2016:
  • Focus on my trading 100% (i am still process oriented, money will come with delay)
  • Write trading blog as best as possible
  • At the end of the year i will maybe offer Trading signal and Forex PAMM account (or managed account)
Medium to longer term goals (in next 2 years):
  • To get 1 – 2 years of consistent trading history
  • To get all required licenses and certificates
  • To offer forex PAMM account
  • To offer forex signal via
  • To become a partner with
  • To focus on trading education (Forex trading courses, trading 1on1 mentoring, etc…)
  • To build a team and after that company for capital management, trading services and education
  • To get noticed by any hedge fund or prop firm
  • To show everyone that it is possible to become successful even if you come from middle class, high school education and little capital to full time forex trader, capital manager, mentor and leader. I want to show to everyone that everything is possible, no matter how hard it might look or be. There is always a chance!
  • Donate to people who need help
  • Share my knowledge and invest into younger generations (when i will be old)
I will not only give you a fish. I will also teach you how to catch the fish!

Am i crazy?
Even if you think that i am crazy or naive about my mission and goals i must tell you that this is your problem. I am not afraid of failure, i am afraid of not trying hard enough and then regret that for the rest of my life! The big difference between me and most of the other traders is that they are trying to succeed, but i am grabbing the success. It is a must for me! It is a determination.The answer is yes, I am crazy!

FX Protector forex trading blog will hopefully be accepted well and i will do my best to provide as best trading performance and content as possible, tips, tricks and much more!

Follow me on : Youtube | Facebook | Google + | Twitter | Myfxbook | Blogger | LinkedIN | TradingView

Welcome everyone!

FX Protector
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